The major mistake sit-ups that’s making their abs exercises ineffective

Like most people, I had simply been lifting up and practically launching myself straight into sit-ups. But wait! That is exactly wherein the problem lies.

According to Jenny, who has worked with Ulrika Jonsson, without a proper preparation technique, which involves engaging your abdominal, pelvic floor and gluteal muscles, your sit-ups will be totally ineffective.

As Jenny explains: “Before even lifting up into a sit-up, you must engage your abdominal, pelvic floor and gluteal muscles at all times, which will stop the abdominal muscles from popping out as your lift, as well as working the muscles more effectively; we do not want a Winnie The Pooh tummy.”

Sit-ups have long been considered a key exercise to achieve a healthy body and toned stomach – but it turns out that a lot of us have been doing them wrong our entire lives.

This is something I recently learnt during a personal training session with Jenny Dawes, who taught me the correct technique for doing an effective sit-up – and it’s a total game-changer.
Here’s exactly how to do a proper sit-up…

  1. Lie on the floor with your knees bent at right angle, feet flat on the floor and hip width apart
  2. Clasp your hands lightly around your head with thumbs supporting nape of neck and elbows in line with the shoulders
  3. Keep your back in a neutral position and engage your abdominals, pelvic floor and gluteal muscles without increasing any tension through neck area
  4. Slowly, with a controlled movement, allow your abdominal muscles to lift your shoulders 1 to 3 inches off the floor; remembering to stay focused in keeping all abdominal muscles engaged
  5. Squeeze these muscles at top of the movement and slowly return, keeping the muscles engaged as you slowly lower your shoulders half an inch from floor
  6. Remember to exhale as you lift and squeeze and inhale as you return
  7. Repeat each repetition slowly, engaging the muscles and breathing; 10 quality repetitions are more effective than 20 repetitions with poor technique

See, simple!

According to Jenny, sit-ups using this correct technique will give you stronger abdominal core muscles, reduced lower back pain, improved posture and stability and an improved ability to weight train.

“If you have any health related exercise issues please ask your GP for advice before you attempt any type of exercises,” she adds.

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