The main trend of fashionable make-up looks impressive, but it emphasizes skin imperfections

Showing of the autumn-winter collection Chanel was accompanied by make-up of models, made in golden tones. Cosmetic lines in vain offer blazing bronze-gold shades and powder. Trend picked up all the fashionable gloss – in advertising ladies appear with shining faces.

What is the advantage of golden makeup? The artist of the fashion house Lancome Antoinette Ritondo is sure that the golden shine correctly catches light and emphasizes facial features. Successfully made gold makeup gives the skin a poetic glow from the inside.Golden make-up looks “expensive” and exquisite, very effective for solemn occasions, without creating an impression of gravity.

But use it in the daytime with great care, as well as apply to the skin, far from perfect. She learned about how to get rich without looking vulgar.

What kind of make-up is called “gold”? This is a make-up, executed with elements of gold or bronze shine – pudrovyh glare on cheekbones, scattering of shadows on eyelids, gold linings, lipstick with sparkles. Gold also includes the colors of ocher, topaz, bronze, autumn foliage, light chocolate.

The main requirement is golden flicker. And yet – do not overdo it so as not to look like a mime from the Louvre: “It’s better not to use the golden color as a shine for the whole face, but only to emphasize those features that you consider most expressive,” warns Madame Ritondo.

Where is the golden makeup relevant? Most makeup artists agree on the idea that an active gold tone is only suitable for the evening setting. “It is better to use more matte structures in the daytime”, – Denis Gorbunov, the stylist of the image laboratory “Persona”, believes. “For everyday use, active glare is unnecessary,” says Irina Zmicherovskaya, a makeup artist. “Gold is good for creating an artistic image.” However, most stylists find it possible to use the elements of golden make-up during the day – glare on the lips, in the corners of the eyes.


So, let’s look at the basic requirements for golden makeup in order. Not everything is gold that glitters, so the main thing is the quality of the skin, it looks good only on smooth, fresh and elastic, without greasy shine. The fact that the golden flicker emphasizes and makes more relief not only beneficial features, but, unfortunately, all the shortcomings – pockmarks, enlarged pores, irregularities.

Particular attention should be given to matting the face – it should be perfectly matte, because the gloss of gold is good and fresh only without greasy shine.

Another requirement of “golden make-up” to the face is sunburn. Even lightweight – the fact is that on the pale skin the golden glare looks unnatural. White is better to choose beige shine, but not bright gold or bronze. So, the frosted, toned face is powdered with a gold glitter. “Glare should be applied to the area between the cheekbone and the eye,” advises Denis Gorbunov.

“With the help of gold powder, a flat face can be made more prominent, especially with regard to fixed cheekbones,” Irina continues. We will repeat that it is not necessary to put a shimmering powder on the whole face – it looks good in advertising, but in life, even at a party, it repels – nobody will take you seriously. Gold in the evening can be applied to those areas, which are usually tanned first – the forehead, nose, cheekbones. With a nose it is more cautious – it is necessary to consider two moments: to be sure, that it does not shine from fat and that it is not too wide – the flare will expand the shape. A good accent is on the middle of the chin – it will make the oval face more clear.


Golden can be podvodka – then no shadows are no longer needed, it already looks very impressive. Naturally, this option is suitable only for the evening. “Golden shadows in evening make-up look nice put under the eyebrows”, – advises the make-up artist Irina Zmicherovskaya.

Shadows are not necessary (and even undesirable) should be present on the eyelids in one color:

“Gold fits well with blue, green, brown, and in any combination: gold as the main background, gold in the form of glare,  says Denis. Well gold in combination with a graphite scale, and just with a black thin eyeliner. For a daylight-weighted gold version, you can put gold dots over completely neutral eye makeup. For eyelashes, gold is applied using, for example, new items from MaxFactor – a two-color carcass. But we must remember that in the daytime it is appropriate only with justifiably-extravagant creative style of clothes and can create the effect of reddened eyes. In addition, do not forget that only beautiful means – shadows, glare, eyeliner – with the smallest sparkles, beautiful spangles leave for the theater variety show.


The color of the lipstick in the golden make-up with the emphasis already placed on the eyes and cheekbones should not be bright: caramel, chocolate, coffee, honey – and a few gold glints in the center of the lips or on the upper corner. Gold glare can be used to decorate red lipstick, but then the entire face should be without gilding – this option is suitable for the daytime option. Clean gold on the lips should not be: “This is – only a podium option, in life the golden lips will not decorate anyone,” Denis Gorbunov is sure.

Gold is also used in manicure, but for this nails should not be too long and sharp, they should be given a rectangular shape, otherwise vulgarity can not be avoided.

In general, the vulgar execution of golden make-up is the main point, because of which this make-up make-up is found capricious and is used with caution. If you decide to do it yourself, remember that it’s better to “underdo” than “re” – use gold glare, rather than a solid coating, avoid large gold jewelry next to the “golden” face and select appropriate clothing – a strict suit with golden eyelids does not even on the podium.

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