July 18, 2024

The main color of 2019?

Pantone chose the main shade of 2019! They became coral Living Coral number 16-1546. “Bright but soft, energetic and carefree, it symbolizes our inherent need for optimism”, – explained his choice in the color Institute.

Главный цвет 2019 года?

Below 15 means of beauty in the hottest hue next year.

Cream blush Cream Blusher Sexy Shiny Peach, Romanovamakeup
Кремовые румяна Sexy Cream Blusher Shiny Peach, Romanovamakeup

Shiny Peach – full-bodied orange shade with shimmering particles in the packaging and delicate peach on the skin (but of course, it all depends on your perseverance when applying). Due to the creamy texture of the blush is easily typed on a brush or byteblaster and easily spread on the skin, leaving no stains.

A great tool highlights the cheekbones and brightens complexion (if you apply it on the apples of the cheeks).

Lipstick Lip Colour+Primer, shade Poppy Pop, Clinique

Помада Lip Colour+Primer, оттенок Poppy Pop, Clinique

Bright lipstick, which is appropriate even for daytime make-up: red, but with orange undertone. Pencil for smooth application not required – forms a layer. Part of the formula to the pigment added to the primer, which facilitates the application and gives the remedy to dry lips. “Eaten up” for 3-4 hours.

Pigment for lips and cheeks Kiss&Blush, shade 4 Orange Fougueux, Yves Saint Laurent

Пигмент для губ и щек Kiss&Blush, оттенок 4 Orange Fougueux, Yves Saint Laurent

This 2-in-1 (blush and gloss) handle 5 all the tasks: provides even glow with no streaks (if you carefully blend it out with fingertips) and fits well on the lips. But the lipstick will have to touch up after a couple of hours. The shade of Orange Fougueux is a warm coral. The darker your skin, the juicier will be the color.

Shine Lipstick Lover, 146, Lancome

Помада Shine Lover, 146, Lancome

The stick seems to be insanely bright, but on the lips gives a translucent coral tint: the feeling that the pigment mixed with the balm. Does not dry lips – on the contrary, moisturizes them well.

Lipstick-STIK Sexy Lipstick Pen shade Bellini, Romanovamakeup

Помада-стик Sexy Lipstick Pen, оттенок Bellini, Romanovamakeup

Universal color for blondes, brunettes, dark-skinned, light-skinned, younger and older… he has a refreshing peach undertone, perfect for age makeup, as a complement to smoky eyes or mouth-watering sudovogo of make.

Botanical Color Jumbo shade 03 Mat Coquelicot by Yves Rocher

Botanical Color Jumbo, оттенок 03 Coquelicot Mat, Yves Rocher

The most unusual shade of the line Color Botanical Jumbo – though not red, but rather orange. Rich color, which many people are afraid of makeup makes brown eyes nut – very nice. Since it is a jumbo pencil, it can be used not only for arrows (although it was surprisingly comfortable), but as a shadow all over the eyelid.

Lipstick Rouge Dior Nude Develish 344, Dior

Помада Rouge Dior, 344 Develish Nude, Dior

Lipstick in shade 344 Devilish Nude – part of the autumn collection Dior en Diable, which the brand has released, inspired by the eponymous archival survey (a survey of the entire collection can be found at the link).

The shade really turned out with a touch of retro style: classic Nude on the lips that is associated with my mother’s lipstick from the 80’s, or Sophia Loren.

The facility’s creamy texture and delicate shimmer in the composition, and the result is a satin finish which is luxuriously (and only! ) emphasizes the tan.

Important point: if your lips are peeling, get rid of them as soon as possible, before you apply the lipstick – nothing good comes out of such a combo will not work! Otherwise, the only positive rating: very comfortable on the lips, not lasting all day, but for its category cream lipsticks are quite persistent and will survive a coffee break.

Cream pigment Concrete Salmon, Krygina Cosmetics

Кремовый пигмент Concrete Salmon, Krygina Cosmetics

Elena Krygina only in the fall introduced its cosmetic brand (more about it here) and according to tradition, immediately got into the trend. Concrete is a very pigmented cream products you apply on eyelids, lips and cheekbones. Salmon – pink-orange hue, the undertone of which changes depending on the color of the skin goes pink or peach. And with the help of thinner Concrete can be turned into a watercolor to draw an arrow, for example.

The lip liner Infallible Longwear Lip Liner, Hollywood 201 Beige, L’oreal Paris

Карандаш для губ Infallible Longwear Lip Liner, 201 Hollywood Beige, L’Oreal Paris

Tint will not make even snow white’s “corpse bride” and lightly shade your own pigment.

To tool like the pencil every day, no complaints – not dry, smoothly, lasts a few hours and not slide beyond the outline. If you mix it with the balm, you get a beautiful shade under the sun – remains of the former luxury after the holidays!

Tint Tint Rouge, Erborian

Тинт Rouge Tint, Erborian

Weightless red tint is very nice on the lips! It is quite liquid, and gives your lips a barely noticeable warm peach shade – tender option especially if you put tint on top of a moisturizing balm.

Blush stick Blush 25 Les Beiges, Chanel

Румяна-стик Les Beiges Blush 25, Chanel

I blush (a blush that is officially it, although they can serve as shade) silky, creamy consistency and a matte finish. Apply with your fingers – it’s more convenient and easier to adjust the intensity of the color. Warm carrot-peach shade perfect for autumn. He quickly gets friendly with a dark skin phototype – no treacherous reddishness or unusual redness.

Blush stay long, do not roll down and that it is important for owners of oily skin, does not clog pores.

Lip gloss backlit Signature Colour, shade Popsicle, Artistry

Блеск для губ с подсветкой Signature Colour, оттенок Popsicle, Artistry

Artistry (cosmetics brand from the well-known Amway) has released a limited collection dedicated to the candy. It includes updated and shines with a three-layer structure, which gives the effect of multidimensional color. Popsicle reminiscent of sunset in Malibu or orange jelly, but most importantly, the gloss works as a moisturizing balm, not uncomfortable and not turned into PVA glue. On the lips color transformirovalsya in a rich coral shade with barely noticeable shimmer.

Double stick lip Color Vita Fruits Roll Stick, 26 VX1, Skinfood

Двойной стик-помада для губ Vita Color Fruits Roll Stick, 26 VX1, Skinfood

This lipstick will surprise you doubly: in the middle of stick – dark-brown hue, and the edges bright orange pigment. When you first look at the lipstick, it’s hard to imagine how it will look on the lips. Actually it’s very simple – when applied it’s a nice gradient effect Ombre (which visually enhances the lips). Turns out quite a bright image (and lipstick should blend with a brush).

Natural ingredients – a real delight for lips: strawberry extract, coconut oil, and avocado oil along with olive oil. Lips won’t dry for days! Natural oils complex helps them to retain moisture and protects against harmful UV rays.

Lipstick-balm Shine Ecstasy Tokyo Gardens, shades No. 302 and No. 303, Giorgio Armani

Помада-бальзам Ecstasy Shine Tokyo Gardens, оттенки №302 и №303, Giorgio Armani

Stick coral in shade under room 302 looks scary bright, but on the lips the lipstick leaves a subtle juicy trail. We liked the non-greasy texture – saturation can easily be adjusted by layering.

A solar shade No. 303 closer to orange. Many people can not “make friends” with these flowers, believing that they yellow everything. But a properly sized and moderately warm orange will make cheeks like peaches, and even visually gives the skin a Golden hue.

Eyeshadow Eye Shadow, a shade Suspiciously Sweet, M. A. C

Тени для век Eye Shadow, оттенок Suspiciously Sweet, M. A. C

The following year, this shade has the potential to become the most fashionable in a huge palette M. A. C. Shadows dry and vysokomehanizirovannoe, well applied with a brush, a finger. Suspiciously Sweet – a cross between a soft pink and gold. On the eyelids looks very delicate and refreshing look due to the shimmer in the composition.

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