The loungewear jumpsuit is just the trend to get us through Lockdown 3.0

You know what we mean by good loungewear – the items actually made for endless days at home, that fit comfortably and can *even* pass off as appropriate Zoom attire – not the stained joggers and faded concert t-shirts from the back of your wardrobe.

And now, whether you have a dedicated loungewear drawer (thanks coronavirus) or are only beginning to accept that it’s an unavoidable wardrobe must-have in these times, let us introduce you to Lockdown 3.0’s loungewear hero – the loungewear jumpsuit.

A new year, a fresh start? Not this time, we’re afraid – rather, we’re back in lockdown – not quite the start to 2021 we were hoping for. But on the third time around, we now like to consider ourselves lockdown connoisseurs – from the ultimate working from home essentials to all the fun things to keep us busy (since we’ve *actually* finished Netflix), we know what’s needed to get us through seemingly endless weeks at home. And few things are as important to survive lockdown than good loungewear.

A simple but ingenious update on this must-have clothing item, the loungewear jumpsuit is cosy, comfortable, and requires zero outfit planning – what more could you want from your loungewear?

Because, as much as we would like to pretend we will use the time saved from not commuting to experiment with that new make up trend we saw on TickTock, meticulously match our blouse to our earrings and use *actual* shampoo instead of dry shampoo (for the third day in a row), most of us are rolling out of bed 8 minutes before our first video meeting and throwing on the first item to hand – no judgement here.

So now that we’ve sold you on why you need a wool/jersery/cashmere onesie for days at home, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve scoured the internet for the best loungewear jumpsuits – and many of our picks are below the £40 mark.

ASOS has some of the best styles we’ve found – like this seriously cosy cream marl jumpsuit or this cute ribbed romper. As for the most stylish, let us point you in the direction of this seriously chic Mango knitted jumpsuit – extra points as you’ll still get plenty of use out of it when we’re finally allowed out of the house again for more than a pint of milk.

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