The latest wellness trend will make you feel zen AF in three simple steps

Jacqui has shared a short extract of her book with, revealing three simple things you can do every single day to champion the new wellness trend and it’s honestly the most simple art of relaxation we’ve witnessed in a long time.

Whether we’re relaxing with some yoga, trying a spot of forest therapy or testing the ‘pick three method’, we love a new wellness trend here at GLAMOUR HQ. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel the best version of themselves?

The latest wellness trend to catch our attention is ‘the lost art of being’, which is based on a new wellbeing book by Jacqui Macdonald, The Lost Art of Being – How to Have a Calm, Happy, Easy Life, which champions the benefits of doing absolutely nothing. It encourages the reader to discover the immense power of slowing down, questioning the rules and remembering how to just be – and we are totally here for all of that.

1. Slow everything down

Jacqui says one of the most simple but effective ways to embrace the new wellness trend is to just slow everything down. “The way you eat, drink, think, talk and walk,” she says. “Slow down your conversations with your loved ones. Slow down the time you give to yourself; enjoy long luxurious baths instead of rushing through a shower. Slow down your morning routine and your evening rituals. Slow it all down and begin to get a sense of a greater awareness than your current rushing perspective is offering.”

She also swears by the power of keeping a journal to write (slowly) about what you are noticing and your day-to-day life. Sounds easy enough, right?

2. The five minute focus hack

Jacqui says that every day, you should make a pact with yourself that for the next five minutes, you will not engage with any thoughts that arise relating to your past (that’s dwelling on your ex, the s*** day at work you had or the awkward dating app encounter last night). Likewise, she says you should avoid thinking about your future, too. “Finally, avoid any thoughts relating to your identity – including your responsibilities, family scenario, health status or employment,” she said. By practising this method for five minutes a day, Jacqui says you’ll focus on the best version of yourself and you’ll slowly embody that person as a result.

3. Learn how to observe everything around you

One of the simplest ways to chill the hell out is by noticing the busyness of other people as they rush around their day, says Jacqui. “Notice clothing, hairstyles, complexions, expressions and even other people’s energy,” advises Jacqui. And here’s the challenging bit… “See if you can observe all of that without making any judgement, analysis or assumption whatsoever.”

According to the author, by doing this, you’ll begin to see news headlines, angry drivers, grey clouds, annoying text messages, unwashed dishes and rude people as nothing more than what they are. “Rather than leap into your story and bring layers of interpretation to all these potentially irritating or anger inducing events, you just see them for what they are, and you move on.

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