The Last Thing Maura Needs Is Another Pair of Ankle Boots, and Yet…

…here we are, losing my mind over these lace-up, Western-style Coach beauts. Coach Lace-Up Bootie With Western Stitch, $595, available here.

I’m going to preface this blurb with a cry for help: You, Fashionista’s kind, gentle-souled readers, need to hold me accountable and not let me purchase yet another pair of ankle boots. I don’t need another pair of ankle boots. I’ve collected many over the years – too many, even! – but I can’t stop myself.

I love them so much, and at this point, I love them for reasons beyond my control. They’ve become part of my “uniform” (blergh!!!), so to speak, and it’s too late to put this bus into reverse. This is my life now.

And while I definitely don’t need another pair of ankle boots, I sure would like one! Specifically: these beauts from Coach, which feature lace-up detailing, Western-style stitching and a very wearable three-inch heel.

They’re white, which is a nice, on-trend color happening in footwear right now, and one (or I) could wear them with just about anything: jeans, suits, dresses, skirts… Also, the website describes them as being “modern with a ’70s attitude,” which is also how, in a dream world, I’d like someone to describe me because I listen to a lot of Fleetwood Mac.

Do I need them? Or do I just want them?

Coach Lace-Up Bootie With Western Stitch, $595, available here.

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