July 17, 2024

The lack of a sexual life morally suppresses a woman and leads to a hysterical breakdown

Looking at the faces of most women in the morning subway, you can easily determine how they are doing on the personal front. Gloomy eyes, gray complexion of the majority and very rare glimpses of morning blush. For a simple observation lies the obvious statistics.

Every third reader of SHE admitted that the main problem in her intimate life is her absence or unsatisfactory quality in all criteria. The status of a business lady, to which many seek, and does not leave room and time for amorous comforts.

Is it possible today for a woman in a metropolis to live without sex, the correspondent of SE explained.

Dissatisfaction with life

The connection between the quantity (of quality) of sexual relations and the mood of a woman is not at all limited to the philistine rude word, which begins with the prefix “under-“. The connection between female neuroticity and lack of sex was described by Mr. Freud in the Essays on the Theory of Sexuality. You can believe his words, you can argue with them or wait for an opportunity to check.

However, a practicing psychotherapist, if honestly asked, will say that it is problems with sex that lead to a lot of others as a snowball. “If I consult a woman and watch her have increased neuroticism – the first sign of a lack of sex, it can be seen right away,” says Alena Berdnik, director of the training center “Psychology of Relations. ”

If a woman has sex, it automatically says that she is in demand in her female hypostasis. A simple mechanism, broken by multiple pseudo-cultural layers, destroys the fragile female psyche, if it starts to work incorrectly. “The absence of normal heterosexual relationships greatly affects mood and psychological state.

Today, more and more women have hysteroid traits, they tend to distort the perception of the world around them, their gender, inadequacy and immaturity of thinking.

There are many such people, and they live quite normal – outwardly – life. But they raise children, whose pathological symptoms will subsequently be expressed even more acutely. And this is the greatest danger, “says sexologist Igor Poperechny.

Who is now easy

“Lack of sexual activity suppresses a woman in the first place morally,” says Lyubov Treyvish, a gynecologist and endocrinologist at the Avicenna Medical Center. – But much depends on her perception of the situation. With a high desire and lack of realization, stagnation can occur. But if a woman is calm and understands that the sexual life for the sake of sexual life is nonsense, then she does not have any problems. ”

The lack of a sexual life morally suppresses a woman and leads to a hysterical breakdown
As you can see, the keyword is “if”. According to Igor Poperechny, his experience shows that the absence of sexual activity affects all women negatively, but the least of the consequences is for women with a strong sexual constitution (a set of body properties that are responsible for the level of sexual desire and sexual activity): “These women the absence of sex results in activity, anger and aggression, in women with a weak sexual constitution, the sexual function quickly fades away, and it is in them that the deterioration of the psychological state begins quickly. They become sluggish, amorphous and generally cease to do something. These are the same women who say that they just “do not want anything”.

By the way, the long-legged reed, which became the standard (although, according to some sources, already obsolete) attractiveness is a vivid example of a weak type of sexual constitution.

Culture, generating a non-viable ideal, brings more and more fruits: women can not find themselves not only a prince, but an elementary lover.

Paired interest

However, the option to find a lover of many does not suit – a lone sufferer usually wants to find one and only – and so forever. According to psychologists, this is a very convenient excuse: if a woman can not find herself a partner, even for sex, this indicates that she never learned to interact normally with the society, and the expression “peasants povymer”, although confirmed by demographic statistics, according to most of it is a convenient cover.

The lack of a sexual life morally suppresses a woman and leads to a hysterical breakdown

But a woman who has a husband or lover is in a better position, even if sex does not suit her: by trial, error and constant attempts, one can find the option that will satisfy her.

In the most difficult situation are the ladies who reject both the lover’s option and the version of the walk in the sex shop. They can not relieve tension, limiting themselves to invented “ethical norms. ”

Experts believe that such women have the highest degree of tension, because of which they can not adequately interact with surrounding people and fall into a vicious circle.

Sublimation of love

In a crisis of personal life, a woman usually goes into work, exhausted to fight cellulite in the gym or starts to drink martinis with her friends on Fridays. “To distract or forget – the universal ways of avoiding contact with your body,” explains the head of the training “Tantra in Modernity” Peter Ostrikov. “But none of these ways will bring satisfaction. ”

“A woman can control herself to a certain limit, then she has a hysterical breakdown, the consequences of which are very difficult to eliminate,” continues Igor Poperechny. Summary: share fantasies about the ideal and reality, high feelings and physical necessity. Learn at last from men – they knowingly believe that sex and love – these are different things.

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