April 12, 2024

The Kylie Jenner Green Lipgloss Has TikTok Obsessed

It’s another day, so yes, another beauty product is going viral on TikTok – and this time around it’s Kylie Jenner’s Transformative Lip Tint, from her Kylie Cosmetics limited-edition Wizard of Oz makeup collection.

Just like other similar products have done in the past, the green lipgloss transforms upon application, to a pretty pink hue that adapts to each user. Fun!

And as ever, plenty of TikTokers have something to say about it. “Kylie Jenner, why is this lip tint green? ! ” begins beauty creator Sean Anthony. “Kylie just came out with a brand new lip tint, it’s inspired by Wizard of Oz… this is a lip tint that’s green. It’s supposed to be a transformative, self-adjusting lip tint – we’ll see about that! ”

He then proceeds to try the lipgloss, telling the camera: “Y’all see what’s happening? It instantly changed colour. ” Of the pretty pink shade, he added: “It’s like, popsicle lips. This is wicked. This is cool. It obviously worked! ”

He’s right – the pink shade that appears when Kylie’s lip tint is applied to the lips is really fresh and flattering. Plus, apparently the gloss smells like green apples.

Fellow TikTok star Julie Piedra is also in love with the colour-changing tint. In her video she gushes: “This colour! Abso-freaking-lutely. Look at this colour, it’s gorgeous. Honestly, I was a little intimidated, but this is super wearable and super beautiful. I love this. ”

Kylie Jenner’s new lipgloss costs £24, but is currently – surprise surprise – completely out of stock, thanks no doubt to its viral TikTok status.

Its online description reads: “My limited-edition Wizard of Oz Transformative Lip Tint adds a magical touch to your holiday looks. Its innovative, emerald green formula transforms upon contact with lips to deliver a unique pink tint that’s all your own. Infused with squalene and an ester complex, it cares for your lips and leaves them glossy without any stickiness. ”

What’s next, Kylie – magical mascara? !

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