The kindness of strangers will never be forgotten, Photos

This guy going the extra mile for a young student in need.

Neighbors loved this persons music so much they left a note.

This young guy offered this old man some assistance when going down the escalator.

Modern day courtesy.

You can make new friends anywhere.

When commuters bond over the daily grind.

Sushi chef makes a lasting impression on his favorite customer.

A little encouragement goes a long way.

Women cries in happiness as this man gave up the last generator at Lowe’s who needed it for her father’s oxygen supply during a hurricane.

Cashier helps a man with a new language.

This women helped a random women on the street who feared her safety.

When love is in the air, kindness flourishes.

Trapped in the snow? No problem.

This neighbor helps ease his pregnant neighbors cravings.

Kindness goes a long way no matter what age you are.

This subway performer shares his tips with the homeless.

When you find a fellow beach-goer in need.

Kindness goes along way, even during the holidays.

This baby knew someone needed some cheering up.

Movie theater support like no other.

You have to respect the hustle.

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