May 18, 2024

The Jawbone Bob Is Perfect For Rollneck Weather

Fancy a fresh chop? One cut we’ve fallen hard for is the jawbone bob. It’s short, it’s sexy, it’s shoulder baring, but it’s super cute, too. And, it just happens to be made for autumn.

Contrary to popular opinion, autumn is actually the perfect time to get a bob haircut cut in. Intuitively, lots of us like to go shorter for summer, but those are the months when a little extra length mean you can tie the lot out the way. As it turns colder? That’s when we start to load up on layers like chunky knits and scarves, so it works well to lop our hair out the way.

One bob in particular is perfect for this. Yep, the jawbone bob. Hitched higher with a couple of extra inches skimmed off, it’s ideal for roll-neck weather since it falls just above high necklines and collars, and means that the bottom of the cut is still visible. Because of this, it works beautifully if the edge is cut clean, crisp and softly blunt.

Be warned, to keep that shape look super fresh, though, you will need to commit to some upkeep. “To keep this uber cool style up, you have to keep on top of your regular trims and shape ups as once it grows out you will really notice it and the hair can tend to flick out and become unruly,” explains Dom Seeley, top celebrity hair stylist and International Creative Director of ColorWow hair.

“This is the key indicator that you’re ready for the shape and length to be recut. ”

It can work on most textures, but you’ll need to tweak it so it works best for you. “Straight-to-wavy hair requires minimal effort and you can go for a lived in French-girl esque shape where the majority of the hard work is done for you,” says Dom. “Curly textured hair needs working into shape for it to lay and sit right at the jawbone,” says Dom, so a curl-by-curl cut can work beautifully.

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