June 20, 2024

The jade roller is THE definitive beauty blogger tool – and here’s why

The Jade Roller is the b-blogger must-have of 2018, able to massage away facial tension, boost lymphatic drainage and soothe the skin (pop it in the fridge for a cooling treatment), all while being an elegant addition to any upcoming #shelfies.

The ancient beauty secret made modern

The sonic brush that blends as it buzzes

Jade Facial Roller, £22, Yu Ling Rollers

Bloggers can’t get enough of the £58 Michael Todd Sonicblend and it’s little surprise; it’s the world’s first antimicrobial sonic makeup brush. Perfect for lazy girls on the go, the brush fills flaws without clumping makeup (so long, cakey makeup! ). Sonic movements evenly disperse individual granules of makeup in thin, even layers for a 3D airbrush finish. Want.

A spinning lipstick tower to make picking your daily shade a breeze

If you’ve got more lipsticks than sense (we can relate), storing them in boxes often means never delving for those hidden in the back. Displaying them in this shop-worthy spinning stand ensures you will get a lot more use out of all of them – despite only having one pair of lips. Plus, no more faffing around in the morning trying to find that perfect red when you’re already running 10 minutes late…

Langforth Spinning Lipstick Tower, £34, amazon. co. uk

A self-adhesive eyeliner guide to perfect your feline flick

If you’re anything like us, lining your eyes in the morning can be a total ‘mare. Making sure they’re even, with smooth and clean lines seems damn-right impossible, especially when you’re tired. This invention by BeautyBlender sticks to your face with a little heat, and acts as a guide for your liquid liner. Genius.

BeautyBlender Liner Designer Pro, £14, beautyblender. co. uk

A 2-in-1 makeup brush cleaning device and drying stand

We’re all guilty of leaving our brush cleaning ’til the last minute. This stand makes the whole experience a little more exciting. The middle section is textured so you can clean brushes against it, while the top and bottom attachments allow you to dry brushes in a neat and tidy fashion.

Sigma Beauty Dry’n’Shape Spa, £24, cultbeauty. co. uk

A towelling hairband to keep hair dry

It may sound simple, but a towelling hairband will a. ) keep your locks dry and pushed back while washing your face and b. ) make you feel like you’re at a spa.

Aquis Lisse Luxe Headband, £15, feelunique. com

A ring to put your nail polish bottle in while painting your nails

We’ve all been there: you’re painting your nails and you struggle to find an even surface to put your polish bottle on. This handy device (pun intended) can be worn as a ring with the polish slotted easily inside.

Tweexy The Original Wearable Nail Polish and Varnish Holder, £14. 95, amazon. co. uk

A makeup removing towel
This is a lazy girl’s dream. All you need to do is add water, and this special towel will remove all traces of makeup. Clever? We sure think so.

Makeup Eraser The Original Makeup Eraser, £15. 75, beautybay. co. uk

A double-lined shower cap that will keep your hair totally dry
Some shower caps are so thin and flimsy that hair either flops out or just can’t fit in in the first place. This often results in wet hair. eSalon’s double-lined cap has a thick layer of plastic along with a layer of towelling to ensure a complete barrier.

eSalon Style Saving Shower Cap, £9, esalon. co. uk

A makeup mistake erasing pen
This is especially great for eyeliner mistakes. This pen removes any kind of makeup mistake, which is especially useful for those bleary-eyed mornings.

Prestige Cosmetics Make Up Eraser Pen, £8. 49, cultbeauty. co. uk

A top coat that will make any nail polish matte
Picture this: you’ve found the most perfect nail polish shade, but it’s super shiny and right now you’re into matte finishes. This is where O. P. I’s top coat comes in…

O. P. I Top Coat, £12. 50, johnlewis. com

A formula that darkens your foundation if you’ve got the wrong shade
This can come in handy for a whole load of situations. Take the differing seasons, for example: most of us require a slightly darker base during the summer. And sometimes, we might purchase a foundation thinking it’s the perfect shade and find when we get home in different lighting it’s a touch too light. The Body Shop’s drops solve this and actually work.

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops, £10, thebodyshop. co. uk

A formula that lightens your foundation if you’ve got the wrong shade
And of course, there’s a lightening version, too!

The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops, £10, thebodyshop. co. uk

A super high tech mirror
You may wonder ‘how clever can a mirror really be? ! ’ Well, we’ll tell you. This mirror may be pricey, but it has motion-activated lights, can act as a morning alarm to wake you up, and has adjustable sides so you can see your ‘do from all angles. Ok so it may not be a ‘need’, but it’s definitely a ‘want’.

Simplehuman Wide View Sensor Mirror, £299, cultbeauty. co. uk

A device that helps you to apply your false lashes
Rubbish at applying falsies? Ardell’s creation, which looks like a pair of tweezers, makes the whole process a lot more simple. Apply your glue and pick the lashes up with this device before placing firmly on. Easy!

Ardell Dual Lash Applicator, £5. 49, superdrug. com

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