The incendiary Jamaican dance is gaining popularity, from which cellulite and excess weight disappear

The long winter did its job – we ate and slept, slept and ate – without hope of once again putting on a mini. Cellulite or simply sagging muscles have been reliably hidden, and now have appeared in all its glory.

However, this winter has brought with it and something positive – a new dance direction with anti-cellulite effect is gaining momentum. SHE correspondent went to a dancehall lesson, promising a bright future for your buttocks – regardless of whether they are too bulky or too flat at the moment.

Reference:Dancehall – a musical and dance direction, appeared in the 80’s. in Jamaica. It happened by accelerating the rhythm of reggae to ragga (from ruggamuffin). The dance is openly sexual in nature, based mostly on a variety of dynamic shaking and other virtuosic movements of the hips and buttocks. 

When a dance or sports phenomenon turns into fitness clubs, you can talk about its popularity. Dancehall in Novosibirsk is now experiencing such a moment – when it just begins to appear in major fitness centers, already has its ardent fans with experience in dance schools and for the first time goes to major city sites: on May 4, the club “Rock City” hosted the first Dancehall-party.


In Novosibirsk, a mysterious dance is presented under three different names: dancehall, reggeton (reggeton) and raga-wacking (raga-wacking).

Reggaeton from dansholla differs in that it is closer to latin, more rigid, masculine, often is paired and can be quite obscene. While dancehall is a relatively slower sexual single dance for girls. 

Ragga-waking is based on the elements of danshall and waking (it differs by active hand swinging), which originated in the 70’s in the early gay clubs of Los Angeles.

If you take only danshall, then in a large network of dance schools Flexx5 trial session costs 350 rubles. (1.5 hours), a subscription for 8 lessons – 2000 rubles. In the school Dance Fabrique on the basis of the fitness club “Remix” a one-time lesson will cost 450 rubles. (1 hour), 8 lessons – 2000 rubles., 12 classes -2600 rubles. In the school of modern dance Shake it a one-time training – 400 rubles. (1.5 hours), 8 lessons – 2200 rubles.

Editorial SHE chose the school of Latin American dances Buena Vista. Single (1.5 hours) visit in the usual group there costs 250 rubles, in the student’s – 100 rubles. And the second differs only in that it is allocated specifically for students, the program is the same, the teacher is the same, and besides students it is possible to go to anyone who is suitable for classes this time. A subscription for 8 trainings also wins from other schools at a price: 1600 rubles. in the usual group and only 800 rubles. in the student’s room. And most importantly, the main choreographer of the Buena Vista school is a Cuban.

Contraindications: There are no specific limitations, only general contraindications for any fitness load.

Effect:Tatyana Boyarkina, Fitness Director of the Remix Club, believes that the dancehall for anti-cellulite effect can be equated to vibromassage: “The target zone works to a greater extent: shaking, control of the back – hips, buttocks”.

Director of Buena Vista Inessa Martinez says that adult women come to the main group on denshall – just to lose weight or tighten their muscles: “Some even dropped 2 kilograms for a week after two classes. 

On salsa they go less, there you need to delve more into the technique of movements. And here are short ties for the lesson. ” “For a month or two, the priest is well-pumped, even if before it was not,” Elena Yatkina, teacher dancehall of dance school Dance Fabrique, says with knowledge.

Process:There are 20 people in the group, mostly female students, among them a couple of women for 30 and one embarrassed smiling young man. Actually, dancehall is female dance, but according to Buena Vista teachers, sometimes guys come to classes to quickly lose weight. She teaches Lyudmila Savrilova – she has been studying reggaeton at this school for 2.5 years, went to several master classes on dancehall in Moscow and constantly learns this dance from the bearer of the dance tradition of the choreographer Buena Vista Michel Martinez, and also performs with him in the show ballet on corporations.

The lesson goes to the music of dancehall – so incendiary that you start to dance already during the warm-up. During the lesson, the teacher shows one after the other movements – mostly pelvic rotations, shaking, dynamic movements of the hips. All elements are performed on the knees bent.

Legs get tired as during weight training, but excitement and music spur on. For the lesson, a clockwork was learned from various movements, a bucket of sweat was shed. 

And the embarrassment of the young man from the trembling women’s pop-ups raised to the top reached the apogee – that’s really a profitable investment of 100 rubles! In the end, followed by stretching, mandatory after such a load – otherwise the front muscles of the legs and calves may “clog”.

Feel:“My legs are shaking,” one of the girls whispered to the girlfriend in the locker room after class. Indeed, during training, the load on the hips and buttocks is quite large. The repetition of the ligaments was almost without interruption, the occupation flew by unnoticed – nobody left the hall dryly. After the lesson, she was pleasantly tired: she felt that she had given her all the best. The drawbacks of the lesson include the fact that the teacher only showed the movements, but their mechanism did not explain how it is accepted in many dance schools, where they say in detail where and how to cut the muscle to make the movement as correctly as possible. Another minus: stretching after class was right on the floor, without rugs – unhygienic.

Summary:The next day after training, the “barrel” was the most painful – a sure sign that with this dance they “burn out”. The muscles of the back ache, and the buttocks, which are kneaded at the lesson, require further work: for the first time in two months the SHE correspondent wanted to do exercises, followed by a repetition of the dance dance learned the day before.

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