April 24, 2024

The Importance of Client Record Cards and Insurance!

Client consultations are VERY important, but did you know that it is actually a legal requirement to perform a consultation before every treatment, even for regular clients?

Client Record Cards and Insurance are SO important for not only you, but for others around you too!

Failure to do this could invalidate your insurance could leave you hundreds of thousands of pounds in debt should they make a claim against you. We don’t want this, do we! ?

It really can only take a minute…

When it comes to regular clients, it’s easy to skip the consultation all together, after all, you know them and they know you, right? Wrong – it only takes something going wrong on one of their visits and they have a lawsuit against you. Not only would this damage your reputation but it could ruin your business.

The importance of a client record…

As well as the legal implications, a client consultation is important for keeping a client’s record card up to date. After all, skin, hair and nails can change over time, and if your client has been visiting you for years then chances are they won’t be in the same condition as their first consultation.

So what is public liability? Public liability insurance protects businesses that have dealings with the public.

In the case of salons it is particularly important as it will insure you against the following common salon risks:

  • Accidents or losses caused by salon equipment – no matter how careful you are, accidents do happen.
  • Slips, trips and spills – salons are busy places with people constantly going to and from.
  • Emotional trauma – in the world of ‘Where’s there’s blame, there’s a claim’ it pays to be protected.

Employers’ liability for Salon Owners

If you have one or more employees at your salon, there is another kind of liability insurance that you will need to have as part of your salon cover and that’s employers’ liability.

Employer’s liability is a legal requirement for any business that has employees. Its aim is not only to protect employees from illness or injury sustained at work, but also to protect businesses should an employee attempt to sue them for causing injury or loss in the course of their work.

* If you don’t have employers’ liability insurance you can be fined up to £2,500 for each day that the insurance is not in place, so it’s essential that you have sufficient cover. *

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