July 20, 2024

The Iconic House from “The Brady Bunch” Is Now on the Market for the First Time in 45 Years

The late 1950s, split-level ranch home the Brady family called home on the 1970s sitcom The Brady Bunch has hit the market for the first time in 45 years for $1. 885 million.

One of the most recognizable homes in television history, the house is located in the San Fernando Valley, on a quiet, leafy street near the increasingly sought-after Studio City community. The house itself is a surprisingly 2,500 square feet but has just two bedroom suites and a total of three bathrooms. It’s located on . 29 acre of land that borders the Los Angeles River.

While the buyer of the home may be purchasing a piece of Hollywood history, it was actually only the exterior of the house that was used to represent the Brady home; a fake window was added to the front for filming to give the illusion that it had two stories (it has since been removed, obviously). All interior shots were filmed in a studio. After all, the eight-member Brady family couldn’t possibly live in a two-bedroom house.

The interior of the home for sale is currently dated but well maintained, and the layout does not resemble what appeared on The Brady Bunch. The interior, however, does have a quintessential 1970s feel, with deep shag wall-to-wall carpeting, inexpensive pressed-wood paneling, and floral wall coverings. There are even popcorn ceilings. The space that was once a garage has not been converted into a family room, and a detached two-car garage is located at the rear of the property.

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