May 18, 2024

The Iberostar Dominican Republic is making an incredible effort to reach sustainability goals

As the new year hits, so do the cravings to book a holiday — well, we need something to look forward to. It’s also most probably a triggered response from one of the hundreds of thousands of 2022 recap reels, *sigh*.

So, if you’re trying to choose your next bucket-list destination, but you’re also trying to avoid any guilt about your carbon footprint when it comes to travelling, you really need to take a look at the Iberostar Dominican Republic.

Iberostar Group is a global hotel group founded in Spain in 1956 and their industry-leading sustainability efforts are not to be dismissed lightly. They’re making an incredible effort worldwide to reach impactful sustainability goals and they’re hoping to encourage other businesses to follow suit with their pioneering movement, Wave of Change.

In 2020, they eliminated all single-use plastic from all its hotels and operations, they’re globally aiming to be free of landfill-bound waste by 2025, offer 100% responsible fish (already at 70%) and be carbon neutral by 2030.

We travelled to the Dominican Republic to check-out the sustainability efforts at Iberostar Grand Bávaro for ourselves and we were not disappointed. The hotel is obviously breathtakingly beautiful, being in the Caribbean, but we’ll come onto aesthetics later.

IBEROSTAR Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

IBEROSTAR Punta Cana Dominican Republic

Iberostar in the Dominican Republic is specifically outstanding as it has a land-based Coral Lab and the Bayahibe coral nursery out at sea, just 262 feet from the coast. It’s reported that within the next century, we can expect to see 90% of the world’s coral reefs ruined due to climate change.

The hotel is working with scientists and biologists to study the behaviour and adaptability of the coral to climate change aiming to help protect them from bleaching, diseases and hurricanes long-term.

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