The H&M Cyber Weekend sale, these are the 15 we’re *adding to cart*

We waited and we waited, but it wasn’t until the early hours of Black Friday itself that H&M dropped their Cyber offering. The Scandi brand launched a 20% off everything on site sale (who doesn’t love a blanket discount?!), slashing the prices of their winter coats, boots, jeans, knitwear and more.

And the best news? It’s still going strong. Yep: the discounts run right up until midnight on Cyber Monday.

While most major fashion retailers kicked off their Black Friday celebrations *well* in advance of the shopping holiday this year (in a bid to encourage more considered purchases/tempt us for as long as they possibly could), H&M kept their cards seriously close to their chests until the very last moment.

We could reel off more reasons why we love H&M than days we’ve spent in lockdown this year, but to spare you the pain, we’ll keep things short and sweet.

First of all, there’s the fact that they *nail* limited edition capsule collections like no other retailer out there. Take their recent Kangol collaboration, for example. Hitting the jackpot by offering a whole plethora of knitwear, joggers and streetwear when we needed them the most, it sold out within hours and became a major hit among editors and influencers alike. There’s also their upcoming Conscious collection which, (crafted from cutting-edge and genuinely sustainable fabrics) is a smorgasbord of joyous and delightful party pieces that will act as the ultimate antidote to locked-down Christmas blues.

Second to that, they boast one of the best high-street homeware lines on the planet (think modern, Scandinavian chic on a budget), plus a premium collection that rivals more expensive brands in terms of quality.

What to buy in H&M’s Black Friday sale

Now, onto the good stuff. There’s a whopping 6,000+ items in the H&M Black Friday sale, so it helps if you know what to look out for. We’ve scoured through the lot and handpicked 15 items that are worth your money. It’s a tough job, but someone had to do it.

Sifting through their Premium quality collection is a great place to start, because thanks to the 20% discount, you’ll be able to get those slightly pricier stalwart wardrobe staples for a lesser price tag.

There are a bunch of premium quality pieces in the Cyber Weekend sale, including these killer leather boots, this WFH-appropriate alpaca blend jumper and this timeless wool-blend coat that’ll last you for years.

There’s also the Conscious collection, for those with their eye on sustainability, in which you’ll find rib knit jumpers with matching trousers, workout leggings and Zoom Christmas party-ready knitwear embellished with dazzling broaches.

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