The growth of male infertility and the transmitted infections cause women to pay for pregnancy

To deal with the stubborn inquiries of aunts about recruiting in your family, most often enough sense of humor and a little patience. It is much worse if persistent questions you can fend off except that a sharp “we do not get.”

The diagnosis of infertility sounds for such couples as a sentence, but the achievements of medicine in the industry with the complex title of “assisted reproductive technologies” prove: today the joy of parenting can be known even by those who a few years ago could completely despair.

What is IVF, to whom this procedure is shown and whether there are any dangers, learned the correspondent of SHE.

Reference:The procedure for in vitro fertilization (from Latin extra – outside, outside and Latin corpus – the body), when the egg is extracted from the body of the woman and fertilized artificially in vitro (“in vitro”), was first carried out by the British back in 1978. In Russia the first child “from a test tube” was born in 1986. 

Difficult attempts

The IVF procedure is today considered to be the most promising method for treating infertile couples. And according to the statistics of reproductive specialists, every year it becomes more and more: as the professor-gynecologist Natalia Pazman told, the

average figure for a large city is 20%, that is, every fifth family knows about infertility.

Diagnosis of infertility is made if pregnancy does not occur after a year of regular marital duty. The main indication for IVF is infertility, not amenable to therapy. First of all, tubal infertility. “Often infertility follows chronic forms of inflammation and previously transmitted infections, and there are a lot of them today. Endometriosis can also produce adhesions, “explains Elena Snisarenko, a gynecologist and endocrinologist at the Zdravitsa clinic.

Next comes the endocrine form of infertility, when there is no ovulation, the consequences of abortion, the uterine form of infertility (for example, when the uterus badly takes an egg), chronic physical illnesses. Finally, the desire of modern women to have time to live “for themselves”: “There are women who already by the age of 30 the stock of follicles is exhausted, and it is difficult for them to become pregnant,” the doctor admits. She advises in some cases not to pull and do not spend precious time on endless “examine-treat-try again”, having spent years, you can not find the reason (according to gynecologists, it happens in almost every third case).

Double efforts

In some couples do not want to be examined a man, and male infertility is now actively growing. For example, according to the statistics of the Center for Family Planning and Reproduction, in 2009, they were approached by twice as many men as in 2008, and most of them were primary patients.

At the same time, in almost 80% of men the quality of sperm leaves much to be desired – there are few spermatozoa or they do not move well.

In any case, before IVF you will have to pass a lot of tests to make the most accurate picture of the health of you and your spouse, and exclude options when IVF is not shown. Natalia Seledtsova, a gynecologist and endocrinologist of the Center for Neurosurgery at the Academgorodok, said that contraindications are ovarian tumors, any malignant tumors, malformations of the uterus, diseases in which one can not become pregnant or have acute inflammatory diseases. Surveys can take up to half of the IVF budget, and the procedure itself now costs 80,000 rubles (with medications). It is much cheaper than, for example, a year ago, when Novosibirsk residents traveled to Novokuznetsk and Barnaul to save money. Today ECO is done in three clinics in Novosibirsk (CNMT, “Avicenna”, clinic of professor Pasman): the competition allowed to make the procedure more accessible approximately twice,

A child from a test tube

After the examination, a woman is prescribed special medications, with which several follicles can ripen in the ovaries at the same time (after all, only one ripens in a month). But if hormonal stimulation is not performed correctly, serious complications in the operation of the ovaries can occur, up to acute conditions, when resuscitation is required. As Natalia Pasman said, the main difficulty for the doctor in this matter is to carry out the minimum necessary hyperstimulation and to minimize the risks for the woman.

Next, under anesthesia, a woman is given a puncture of the follicles and, under special conditions, connects them with spermatozoa (they require at least 100,000 eggs per one egg). If the spermatozoids of the husband are unable to connect with the egg by themselves, the doctor will help them: with the ICSI method, the sperm is injected into the egg by hand using microsurgical instruments, this is an extremely delicate procedure, and it increases the total cost by about a quarter. The obtained embryos return to the mother in three days. For today it is customary to attach no more than 2 embryos to a woman: a multiple pregnancy, explained Professor Pasman, is an additional risk of complications and miscarriage, which can already be worse than usual:

“Stimulation with drugs is a big hormonal load on the woman’s body,” recalls Natalia Pasman,

and therefore a woman who has become pregnant through IVF should be under the watchful eye of doctors all the way, take prescribed medications and do the necessary procedures.

Favorite children

On this, however, the differences between ECO-mom and the usual are injected. The onset of pregnancy is controlled, as in normal pregnancy, in two weeks. According to statistics, from the first time the embryo takes root in about a third of cases, but with the “natural” method the figures are the same. To reduce the tension and loss of big money in case of unsuccessful IVF, today the service “ECO with a guarantee” is actively developing in Russia.

You pay about three cycles, but get the guarantee of the clinic to make an unlimited number of grafts. Or a money-back guarantee after a certain number of attempts. Novosibirsk clinics promise: soon such will be available to us.

Babies born by IVF from other children also will not differ in any way. “It used to be the opinion that children conceived by IVF have more developmental defects, but recent studies show that this is not the case. Their number is the same as in the population as a whole: about 3%, “Natallia Pasman defends toddlers who are born more difficult than others, but from this no less naturally: by the fusion of cells of loving parents.

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