June 24, 2024

The Gross Truth About the World’s Most Expensive Coffee

Kopi Luwak: The World’s Most Expensive Coffee

Many of us don’t think twice about forking over $5 to $6 on our daily cup of Joe. But if you want to spend top dollar on your a. m. pick-me-up, there’s something you might want to know.

The most expensive coffee in the world, called Kopi Luwak, sells for hundreds of dollars per pound. Unlike your average cup of Joe, however, this coffee is made from the poop of a raccoon-like mammal called the Asian palm civet. (Find out the one ingredient you need to start adding to your coffee. )

Yes, you read that right – you are essentially sipping on animal droppings. And believe it or not, it’s totally sanitary. After a civet eats and defecates the ripe coffee cherries, the partially digested beans are gathered, washed, and processed. The result? A cup of coffee with rather unusual (and rare! ) taste. (Discover the pros and cons of coffee. )

But brewers, beware: Higher price doesn’t mean you’re getting a higher quality bean. According to coffee expert Rocky Rhodes of the International Coffee Consulting Group, the unique processing technique does make the coffee taste smoother. But it also reduces the delicious acids and flavours that make for a solid cuppa. (Here’s what might happen to your body if you stop drinking coffee. )

Keeping that in mind, you might be better off brewing your morning coffee at home. Your wallet – and your taste buds – will thank you.

Bad news, coffee drinkers! You’re probably a psychopath if you like your coffee black.

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