The Great Canadian Bucket List: 25 Essential Experiences in the Great White North

Robin Esrock, author of The Great Canadian Bucket List: One-of-a-Kind Travel Experiences, shares 25 ways to go big and stay home.

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See the Northern Lights in Northwest Territories

My 10 previous attempts to see the aurora borealis yielded little but comments from locals that I should have seen them last week, or next week, or any week but this one. It didn’t stop me from joining an aurora-watching tour in Yellowknife, which sits under the northern auroral oval and is an ideal location for those chasing their first glimpse of nature’s fireworks. Whether you see a light show or leave disappointed is up to solar flares, weather and good fortune. On my last attempt, I finally discovered what all the fuss is about. The Northern Lights are just one of Canada’s most inspiring natural wonders.

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