The glam AF escapism we need right now

But RAYE may have just released her best song yet in the form of Love of Your Life and GLAMOUR have secured an EXCLUSIVE first look at the singer’s video for her latest hit. The verdict?

The video is nothing short of STUNNING as RAYE channels a 1920s flapper girl, complete with the Hollywood hair waves of our dreams in the opening scene.
RAYE knows how to pen a cracking song having released her bops, Love Me Again, Please Don’t Touch and Cigarette, we well as writing songs for the likes of Beyoncé, Ellie Goulding, Little Mix and Charli XCX. This human has got the honey vocals and the song writing skills to match.

As she slips in and out of various costumes including a number which single-handedly makes the white noughties halter neck of JLO’s heyday seem a viable option for 2020, RAYE gives us dance routine which we are sashaying off to Tik Tok to recreate right this second.

The song itself serves tea that is as piping hot as the video with some ‘real talk’ lines on falling in love. The upbeat song is peppered from honest lyrics such as, “twice a week, I’m f****** depressed/ One second, I cry, then I’m laughing/ I know it wouldn’t make any sense,” and “I run my mouth and say shit that I really didn’t mean to say.” We can certainly relate with that, can’t we?

When GLAMOUR caught up with RAYE last year, she opened up about the male dominated music industry saying, “It’s consistent and it’s endless. We’re in very male heavy environments – the artist is often the only female in the room – and the line is crossed a lot. It’s not ok and we need to talk about it.”

“We’re heading in the right direction but there’s still a long way to go,” RAYE continued reflecting on how far gender equality had come in the music industry. “As a female artist, there is a lot of pressure and stress to look good all the time and conduct yourself in a certain manner. If a man is determined, strong and not afraid to lay down the law and demand what they want, they’re a boss, and yet when woman does it, they are called a bitch. We need to figure out these guidelines. How can you be polite and kind but still be fierce and stand up for yourself?”

Well, by continuously penning, producing and singing such bops as Love of Your Life, RAYE continues to fly in the face of gender imbalance in the fiercest of ways. We truly love to continually see it.

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