April 15, 2024

The genius 5. 5cm rule can help to reveal which hairstyle suits you best

If you’ve ever wondered what hair length would suit you best, the experts at John Frieda have let slip the 5. 5cm rule, a mathematical formula which, they say, can can help calculate the optimal chop for your face shape.

Of course, personal style comes into play – we’re not about to let a mathematical formula get in the way of our own taste, so if you’ve already found a cut you’re crushing on, you can skip this calculation.

But, if you’ve always wanted to try a short haircut, but you’re afraid it might not suit you, or you’ve always kept things cropped but you’re in the mood to branch out, this formula might help.

How does the 5. 5cm rule work?

Those who aren’t too hot on angles and numbers can breathe a sigh of relief – you don’t need a maths lesson for this one, and you don’t need to go to the hair salon either. According to the experts at John Frieda, your optimal hair length will depend on the angle of your jawbone. The formula uses a ratio that looks at the length between your chin and your earlobe to determine whether long or short hair would suit you better. If the distance you measured is less than 5. 5cm, a short haircut suits you. If it’s more than 5. 5cm, longer hair will (theoretically) flatter you the most. You can easily find out at home. All you need is a ruler, a pencil and a mirror.

How to measure the 5. 5cm rule correctly

  1. First, stand in front of your mirror.
  2. Take the pencil and place it horizontally below your chin.
  3. Now the ruler comes into play: Place it at a right angle to the pencil and push it to the level of your earlobe.
  4. Measure the distance from the earlobe to your chin vertically downwards.

Short or long hair? What factors should be considered besides the 5. 5cm rule?

Of course, a mathematical formula is not decisive for which hairstyle you should choose, but maybe it will help you decide. In addition, the shape of your face or hair structure also play an important role in determining which haircut is possibly the best for you. Therefore, chat with your hair dresser and have a play around to find what works for you, no matter what the ruler has shown.

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