June 17, 2024

The fresh-faced fringe is the perfect way to add life back to your lockdown hair

King of haircuts, Larry King, is dubbing the fresh-faced fringe the snip du jour – because it’s fresh (natch), simple to create and bang on trend.

“We are going to see big changes in haircuts and styling as we emerge from lockdown,” Larry revealed. “Clients are going to want something different – a change. ”

What’s the single quickest way to totally revamp your hairstyle? Via a fringe, of course.

The humble fringe has long been deemed somewhat intimidating; ‘Oh but it won’t suit me’, people claim. Enough of the excuses! The age-old excuse is now redundant thanks to a plethora of fringe styles to suit pretty much every face shape. Long face? A side-swept fringe will look incredible. Round face? Try a micro-fringe a la Miley Cyrus. Toying with the trend post-lockdown? Enter the fresh-faced fringe.

The single quickest way to switch things up? Via a modern fringe like the fresh-faced fringe – and it’s tailored to each individual’s face shape so you don’t need to panic about whether it’ll suit you or not because it. just. will.

“The fresh-faced fringe is a modern fringe that’s cut into the hair with the arch created to suit the facial type and structure of the client,” explained Larry. “Think Marianne from Normal People. ” Yaaas.

Tempted to trial the trend? Larry suggests complementing the fringe with shorter and disconnected layers, which will help to maintain shape and lines. “You will find that layers have previously been used to eliminate weight,” he said. “This is not the case here. We are looking at a solid baseline that enables volume and texture. ”

As Larry notes: “Lockdown has given many people the opportunity to grow their hair out. Now we are looking at maintaining the length and giving the look a style. Want in? After taking the plunge and having the fresh-faced fringe cut in, I recommend using Redken Extreme Lengths Leave-in. It will reduce split ends by 78%, fortify and strengthen hair. Stronger equals longer! ”

Intrigued by a fringe? Read our ultimate guide to fringe hairstyles, which is packed with inspo for your next salon trip. If you’re rocking a fringe right now, read our ultimate fringe hacks to keep it looking fresh.

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