May 25, 2024

The French Wave Is The Subtler Take On Cool Girl Hair

It’s basically a very soft and subtle take on beach waves but without the rigid structure you’d get from using a curling wand. As Syd explains: «The key for this look is to alternate the direction of each wave so the hair is unstructured and soft. Don’t worry about hair looking flat either as the tool is placed at the root it means locks look full-bodied and glossy. ”

To achieve the look, Syd swears by a curling tool that allows you to curl your hair in both a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

“The BaByliss Wave Air Secret is the perfect tool to achieve your desired style because it can be set to clockwise curl, anti-clockwise curl or alternate direction curls for complete style freedom,” he notes.

If you’re keen to trial the latest trend as we head into a new year, you’ll be pleased to hear that the French Girl Wave works on all hair types including thicker and curly textures — the key is in the prep.  “To get optimum results, it is always handy to prep with a thickening spray so that the wave or curl lasts as long as possible. Brush out the curls for the ultimate wave,” suggests Syd.

«For an added boost, try the Sam McKnight Good Girl Super Lift which delivers volume and hold straight at the root. Spray directly onto the root and blow dry into the hair for humidity resistant, voluminous hold before styling. ”

The main feature every French hairstyle has to have, however, is attitude. It needs to feel light and airy, but not too «done». Think «I woke up like this» but with added French chicness (large glass of red wine optional).

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