June 17, 2024

The ‘French bob’ is the cheekbone-skimming hairstyle for when you’re ready to try something different

That’s where the French bob hair trend comes in. It’s brilliant for so many reasons.

First, it satisfies the desire to cut the whole lot off, but in a way that not only saves on blow drying time (hallelujah) but also absolutely nails the relaxed vibe we’ve been trying to perfect during lockdown. Second, if you’ve experimented with hair colour and want to lop off all the damage, you can do so in style. And third, it’s gloriously low maintenance.

The cut pretty much takes care of things, which means you won’t have to spend as much time styling it. In fact, it looks pretty slick when wet, while air drying adds to its messy appeal.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve hit peak hair fatigue. After staring at the same lid on Zoom calls for – how many days are we on now? – you’d be forgiven for wanting to do something drastic, radical, rebellious, but still very, very chic with your hair.

So what exactly makes a bob “French”? Traditionally, they’re cut at the mouth line and accompanied by a straight, brow-skimming fringe. However, the modern incarnation is a little less rigid and the lengths can dip down to the collarbone, or right up to the cheekbone.

You can side part your fringe, or do away with completely, if you fancy. The main identifying feature is the attitude – it needs to feel light and airy, but not too “done”. “I woke up like this” but with added French chicness.

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