The foreword Meghan Markle penned in her charity cookbook will warm your heart

Kensington Palace took to Twitter to reveal that last summer, “a group of women gathered in a communal kitchen at the Al Manaar Centre in West London, where they could prepare fresh food for their families, friends and neighbours.”

If you still haven’t fallen in love with Meghan Markle and need even *more* proof that she’s a total boss, this might just convince you.

Kensington Palace has revealed that Meghan has co-authored a cookbook with women affected by the 2017 Grenfell Tower Fire in London. What an absolute hero.

Now named the Hubb Community Kitchen, the group has grown and grown and even counts the Duchess as a member. Meghan made a secret visit to the kitchen back in January and has been making private visits there to cook ever since.

On the back of her visits, Meghan and the group have teamed up to pen a cookbook, which is named ‘Together: Our Community Cookbook’ and has a foreword written by Meghan herself.

Here’s what she wrote….

“Together is more than a cookbook. This is a tale of friendship, and a story of togetherness,” she writes. “It is a homage to the power of cooking as a community, and the recipes that allow us to connect, share, and look forward.”

“In January 2018, as I was settling in to my new home of London, it was important to me to get to know organizations working in the local community. I made a quiet trip to Al-Manaar, a mosque close to the Grenfell community.

“In 2017 I had watched the Grenfell Tower tragedy unfold on the news; I was in Canada at the time, sharing the global sentiment of shock and sympathy for what this community was enduring, while also deeply wanting to help. Fast-forward seven months, and I was set to meet some of the women affected by the fire, at a community kitchen in Al-Manaar.

“The kitchen was opened after the Grenfell tragedy, offering women who had been displaced and the community around them a space to cook food for their families,” Meghan adds. “Their roles as matriarchs united them across their cultures; the kitchen provided an opportunity to cook what they knew and to taste the memory of home, albeit homes some had recently lost.

“It is cozy and brightly lit, with scents of cardamom, curry, and ginger dancing through the air. It will take you about 15 minutes to enter the room, as you will joyfully be greeted by kisses (cheek x 3) by each of the incredible women there. You will find yourself in a melting pot of cultures and personalities, who have roots in Uganda, Iraq, Morocco, India, Russia, and at least 10 other countries. You should undoubtedly arrive on an empty stomach because upon departure you will have been stuffed to the gills with samosas flecked with cinnamon, chapatis flavored with carrots and onion, Russian semolina cake, Persian teas, and my very favorite avocado dip that I now make at home.”

Of course, all profits from the sales of the book go straight back to the charity cause.

How Meghan Markle won over Prince George and Princess Charlotte is truly great

Meghan has long had a passion for cooking; she had a dedicated blog and even won Princess Charlotte and Prince George over by whipping up their favourite treats in the kitchen.

Meghan’s close friends have taken to social media to praise the Duchess for her charitable efforts.

Serena Williams wrote: “I used to call you Meghan (and I still do) but dear Duchess of Sussex your first project ‘Together’ a cookbook bringing women of all cultures together. I could not be more excited about it and proud of you,” she wrote. “It’s beautiful – diversity, inclusivity, coming together in grief or joy – there is just so much love. Link in bio to learn more, and how you can get a copy!”

Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra added: “So proud of you for this new endeavour Meghan. This is everything you always stood for. Women supporting women. Supporting communities. Bringing Togetherness. Here you do it again.. Keep making the world smile babe! ❤️????”

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