The flicked high ponytail is taking off. Here’s how to style it

Kylie Jenner followed suit with a matchy matchy style a day later at at a Premier for Travis Scott’s ‘Look Mom I Can Fly’ Netflix documentary, adding some intricate edges to her baby hair. Then the queen herself, Ariana, gave the style her own spin at the January Grammy Awards, this time with a longer length.

And if you thought enthusiasm for the trend had died down, you’d be wrong. Just this week, Kim Kardashian threw her hat into the ring with a sleek high pony, finished off with flipped edges.

You know what they say, the higher the hair, the closer to heaven, which is why a high ponytail is always a good idea. They’re fun, they’re easy and – thanks to some fresh spins on the classic style – they’re very much in fashion.

OG high ponytail hype girl, Ariana, has been the style’s number one supporter for years, mixing it up with extra accessories, like glitzy hair ties and studded hoops, but recently, the high ponytail has been through a renaissance, picking up a league of new high profile recruits along the way.

It started at last year’s MET Gala, when celebrity hair stylist and GLAMOUR columnist, Jen Atkin, created a new twist on the high pony for Hailey Bieber’s red carpet appearance. Rather than going for the ultra straight, ultra long style we’d been seeing, she opted for a retro 60s Barbie-inspired shoulder length rendition, flicked out at the ends to make it extra flirty.

Next, hair stylist, Danielle, Priano remixed the style for Bella Hadid’s August VMA appearance with the addition of a noughties side fringe to update it.
The benefit of the style is it gives you height at the front, but volume round the sides.

The question is, how do you recreate it?
  1. Start by creating a side parting with your comb.
  2. Next straighten your hair in sections.
  3. Separate out the front section that you would like to become your fringe (if it’s super long, don’t worry, it can be tucked back behind your ear and reincorporated into the ponytail.
  4. Clip that section out the way, then using your hands, gather the rest of your hair up into a high ponytail.
  5. Use a comb to neaten around the edges (you want to make sure you avoid bumps). Once it’s all neatly in place, secure with a hair tie.
  6. To get the ponytail extra slick, mist it with some heat protection so it’s slightly damp, then use a round brush and a blow dryer to add the flick at the bottom. Roll the brush down straight, then just before the bottom roll it backwards with the ends of your hair to create the flick.

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