The fitness trends you *need* to know this year, including date-ercise and circus workouts

In 2018, our Instagram feeds were littered with trendy new workouts including mindful boxing, DNA fitness testing and the extraordinary rise of HIIT.

So what exercise offerings does 2019 have in store for us? From date-ercise (yep, it’s happening), to circus-themed classes, there is no shortage of trendy workouts to get your heart pumping. See you on the flip side.

Speedy workouts

This year, think short but sweet. According to ClassPass, users were 33% more likely to book a class under 45 minutes in 2018 than they were in 2017, and this trend shows no signs of abating this year.

Whether you’re usually do morning mindfulness, hardcore weight classes or simply want to clock up your 10,000 step count, it’s time to reduce the length of your workout and focus on consistency instead. “If you do 15 minutes at the right intensity, that’s all you need,” says Pete McCall, host of the All About Fitness podcast. Yup, we can get on board with this.

The fitness trends you *need* to know this year, including date-ercise and circus workouts


You’ve probably seen various celebrities rolling, twirling and dropping down long piece of silk in mid-air on Instagram? Don’t be put off just yet because circus-inspired fitness classes are set to be big news this year. Gymbox, Flying Fantastic and HYPE fitness are amongst the London studios leading the way with a variety of aaerial and circus skills classes on offer.

High Intensity

HIIT – a training technique which involves short, intense bursts of exercise – was undoubtedly the breakout fitness star of 2018, and its popularity is only set to soar in 2019.

Except this year, there’s a killer new addition taking centre stage: the skipping rope. Adriana Lima, Kate Hudson and Adriana Lima all swear by it – no surprise given that 30 minutes skipping can burn over 400 calories. Sign us up.

Return of the treadmill

News that the trusty treadmill is back may spark mixed opinions, but it’s triumphant return cannot be denied. According to ClassPass, there was an 82% increase in classes that incorporate treadmills, and this is only set to increase over the coming year. No longer considered a bog standard piece of gym equipment, the treadmill is taking centre stage all over London (see Barry’s Bootcamp, KXU and Digme). Jog on!


We’ve got news for you: meeting your tinder date at a bar is so last year. In 2019, dating takes on an entirely new format by way of ‘date-ercise’, a circuit-style workout where 12 men and women meet a new training partner at each station. The founder Keith McNive believes “anything that gives people an added motivator to train, and save them time to boot, will be a 2019 winner”. Multi-tasking just took on a whole new meaning.

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