June 17, 2024

The fashion includes greenish-brown shades, the bangs and hairstyles return in retro style

Summer, despite the damage from the sun, is still a good time for the hair. They no longer have to fiddle under a hat or stick to an electrified sweater, they blossom over their bare shoulders and shine in the sun.

From such a will pulls on a variety of experiments and new images. This summer, fashion experiments, however, are not based on avant-garde madness, but on attempts to return to nature: natural hair tones and natural soft waves are relevant.

The bangs, which until recently turned out to be almost outlaw, return this summer in a pleasant variety. Evening hairstyles for long and medium hair are guided by the luxurious femininity of the old Hollywood, but the main hero of the summer will still be the good old complaisant “ponytail”.

Cold summer

In this season, stylists recommend when imitating hair to imitate natural shades. “The colors of this summer are mostly cold. Natural green, marshy natural shades, as well as – a very light blond, “- commented art director of the salon” Kamiy Alban “Andrei Kovalev. “Green” refers to those natural shades of light brown, which we in the upper grades of the school repainted in an extremely red, if not platinum, and ten years later begged the master to return his native “nasty. ” “Pretty cold shades, deep pearly, are also relevant for the brown-haired,” continues Mr. Kovalev. – And from warm shades the honey and the color of burnt sugar are relevant. ”

“The hit remains the bronzing – coloring in several shades without clarification, with the effect of naturally burned in the sun light brown hair”, – says Marina Bezrukova, master of the salon “Mata Hari”, technologist Keune.

Bronzing (addition of the words brown and blonde) is considered a complex technique, which requires high professionalism of the colorist – when choosing shades and arrangement of the colored strands. If everything went well, the result is naturally-looking blond hair with a golden hue, animated by naturally fuzzy messy strands. This looks like the hair of Jennifer Aniston or the top models Gisele Bundchen and Bar Raphaely.


In the fashion for haircuts for several years there are no revolutions. “Medium-length hairstyles are most often made on the basis of a” bean “, – Marina Bezrukova comments. “A hairstyle can create the illusion of negligence and asymmetry, but it must have a clearly defined bangs, temple or neck. ” The same applies to short haircuts: they can create the impression of chaotic, but should have a pronounced shape and carefully cut off the crown.

From different variants of bangs it is possible to allocate long oblique – here it is necessary to remember only that it is not recommended at separate outstanding, expressed lines of the face.

“In principle, bangs this summer are very diverse. There are also oblique, and straight, and torn, and clear, and long, and short, – says Marina Lapkina from the image studio “Vinyl”. “Perhaps the only thing that is not at all fashionable is the heavy, thick bangs that were popular a few years ago. ”

It’s Hollywood, baby.

“Classic forms are relevant for long hair. Finally, straight hair straightened out with iron was finally left, – says Andrey Kovalev, – now long hair lies in the daytime by natural waves, and in the evening variant is fitted with hollywood curls. ”

Marina Bezrukova recommends looking for the most relevant image of summer for long hair in photographs of cinema 20-40-ies – Veronica Lake, Lauren Bacall, Marlene Dietrich.

This is not about curls, but about large waves. Invented at the beginning of the century “cold wave” – ​​styling, without the former favorite tools of hairdressers – hot tongs, – in the image of a la the 1920s, it means long or short hair with a curl in the face (this haircut is now worn by Renata Litvinova). In later versions of the 30-40-ies – hair smooth from above and lying on the shoulders of large waves.

“To make such a hairstyle, you need a styling product that does not glue the hair, preserving their natural softness,” Ms. Bezrukova explains, “and large curlers: 4-5 centimeters in diameter, which are slightly damp hair. The thicker the strand, the larger the wave. By the way, on the Internet you can find many master classes on retropricheskom. All of the above applies not only to blondes – to experiment with the wave, Marina Bezrukova advises and brunettes

The tail has returned

Since the last season, the fashion for braids does not go away in their various manifestations. The most spectacular is a thick, carelessly braided, disheveled braid. “Also in recent years, the direction to the hair collected in a cone or laid by a snail has been preserved,” adds Mr. Kovalev. “But the most actual thing this summer is the ponytail! ”

The ponytail is famous for its versatility: this hairstyle, differing in a couple of nuances, is equally appropriate in the gym and office, at a club party and a pathos event.

“The tail can be varied. In the afternoon, we wear a tail in the workplace, in the evening we just turn off and pin it with stilettos. Or the tail, which was neat and strict at work, slightly dismissed, we combed and stitched in evening hair, – advises Marina Bezrukova. – In general, the modern trend can be described as a democratic hairstyle, to maintain which does not need a crowd of stylists. “

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