The effect of sitting in an infrared sauna can be compared to a multi-kilometer run

Infrared sauna or thermal cabin – a fairly new development, but, in fact, is a modern reading of the Finnish sauna. Opposing them would be wrong, rather, here you need to find similarities and determine the benefits. 

Despite the fact that the thermal cabins appeared relatively recently, much has already been written about their benefit. Armed with knowledge, the SHE correspondent set off to bask in the infrared rays.

You can visit the thermal cabin in the fitness club “Aquatic” on Frunze Street. The cost of the procedure for one person is 150 rubles, if there is a desire to sit in the cabin alone, then you need to fold by a hundred and give 200. The infrared sauna is a wooden booth around a meter and a half in width and a meter in length. Inside – a wooden bench, along the perimeter on the walls – emitters, working in the invisible range of the infrared spectrum. The procedure lasts 30 minutes. So that they do not drag on painfully long, I was offered to read magazines. But I decided to watch my own feelings.

The main differences between an ordinary sauna and infrared are that in the traditional air, air, which acts on the upper layer of the skin, first of all heats up to 85-100 ° C. In infrared cabins, about 80% of the energy released warms the body and only 20% – the environment. 

The effect of sitting in an infrared sauna can be compared to a multi-kilometer run

And the funnel almost immediately reaches the tissues and internal organs. Therefore, in addition to profuse sweating with deducing slags – the main task of the traditional sauna, the IR-cab has a wide therapeutic effect.

Yes, it was about the invisible therapeutic effect that I thought in the first 10 minutes of sitting on the bench, while the external effect was not manifested. Diagnoses in which recommended sessions of infrared radiation, a lot. These are respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, kidney problems, high blood pressure, skin ailments such as acne, psoriasis, seborrhea.

During the session, body temperature in most cases rises to 38.5 ° C, which simulates the body’s reaction to infection and means that all life support systems are mobilized. At the same time, the activity of pathogenic bacteria is suppressed, which makes it possible to cope with catarrhal diseases.

The effect of sitting in an infrared sauna can be compared to a multi-kilometer run

Curiously, the low humidity in the cockpit contributes to the fact that, in addition to water, 20% of solids are subsequently removed – fats, toxins, acids.

The fact that in a thermal cabin sweating is more abundant than in a traditional sauna, I was able to make sure of the 15th minute of infrared baths. There was a feeling that “heaven’s cracks broke open” – sweat literally poured, while the feeling of overheating (try to sit out in a traditional sauna for half an hour without a beep) did not arise.

Perhaps because the temperature of the air in the IR sauna is much lower than in the traditional one – within 30 minutes it rises from 50 ° C to 60 ° C. But there are also disadvantages. To them it is possible to attribute that sensations of a relaxation and pleasure during procedure did not arise. I concluded that if an ordinary sauna is more a way of pleasant pastime, rest with aromatic oils, poultices, lapping, well-being warmed up air, then a thermal cabin is just a medical certificate that must be patiently endured,

I admit, by the end of the half-hour’s conclusion, the desire to get out of the enclosed space has become all-consuming. 

Probably, this is the usual reaction of patients – the attendant of the cabins appeared just at that moment and offered to open the door. It turned out that the arrival of fresh cool air does not affect the temperature regime, but the body acts refreshingly.

The effect of sitting in an infrared sauna can be compared to a multi-kilometer run

Immediately after the session, it is recommended to go to the shower, but this is understandable and without advice – it would be strange to put clothes on a wet body. Before the procedure with you, you need to grab the washing aids, a towel and slates. If the latter are forgotten, then in “Aquatic”, for example, they offer to buy disposable slippers for 20 rubles. In a room where, apart from the cockpit, there is a phyto bar, there are also chairs and a table, served with a tray with a kettle and cups – you can sit and drink karkade. During this time, the face will acquire a normal color. After all, right after the procedure, the skin will be bright red. So plan, except half an hour, time for rest – about 15-20 minutes.

What is the effect after the visit? With pleasure, I noticed that the skin became smoother, the feeling of tightness left. Passed the beginning rhinitis. The scales pleased with the absence of 200 grams of live weight. After I read that for half an hour in the infrared sauna burned 2,400 calories, which is comparable to the effect of the race for 10 km. I confess, sitting on the bench in the warmth is much more pleasant.

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