The Dreamy Summer Dress That’s Making Dhani Question Everything

Am I this person?

Dôen Sol Dress, $305, available at Dôen

Dôen Sol Dress, $305, available at Dôen

I feel like there’s an image of a particular kind of California girl who always has long, perfectly highlighted, beachy waves and tanned skin and only wears gauzy, effortless, light-colored, “Virgin Suicides”-y dresses and is incomprehensibly chill and seems to have no real obligations or pressures in life. And when you move here, there’s a feeling of wanting to be that girl, even if it doesn’t really align with your job or personality, and there are brands like Dôen that make it easy (if expensive) to at least dress like her, and whose imagery can be very convincing.

Dôen Sol Dress, $305, available at Dôen

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