April 20, 2024

The Dreadful Reasons Why Women Stay In Toxic Relationships

Women select to stay in hazardous connections because they don’t see they’re being gaslighted, they love their partner, as well as they are trapped right into the violent and poisonous cycle of behavioral patterns.

When we discuss abusive as well as toxic relationships, the very first thing that comes to mind is physical violence, particularly physical violence. one kind of abuse that exists and is also much more damaging to an individual than physical violence since it is difficult to place is psychological misuse, or gaslighting.

Sadly, this is a very usual kind of misuse, however individuals are rarely talking about it due to the fact that the victims of this type of misuse find it challenging to speak about it out of fear of being judged by others, particularly if the other individuals have not been with the experience themselves.

And also it is very easy to state to a lady that she requires to leave the abuser and also placed an end to the hazardous partnership she is in. Since undoubtedly, if she is incapable to leave him, after that we state it is her mistake as well as she may be also loving being abused by the ‘dreadful’ male.

However those individuals who haven’t undergone it can not recognize what it resembles as well as how tough it is for some females to leave the tight spot they are entraped right into.

Why is that? Why do females have problems leaving abusive and also toxic partnerships? Below are some factors that ought to be taken into consideration which do not have anything to do with economic security.


Gaslighting is a sort of mental misuse that along with emotional misuse and control can completely damage the lady’s self-confidence and self-confidence as well as make her doubt her very own reality, assumption, and feelings.

Since of her, gaslighting is an incredibly dangerous kind of psychological misuse where the abuser makes the victim believe that everything wrong that is happening in the partnership is. The female then begins to examine her behavior, her memory, and also her peace of mind.

The abuse is so subtle and difficult to find on since the violent guy will slowly and slowly undermine at the female’s self-confidence.

He will begin by claiming exactly how she is always overthinking and also panicing everything and also clearly, she does that because she has underlying psychological problems and causes that she needs to resolve. The woman then will certainly start questioning herself since she won’t see these manipulative remarks as abuse because they are being said casually as well as discreetly.

With time, the man will start to use her insecurities as a weapon to meet his own self-centered purposes.

As well as also if she calls him out on his bullshit, he will still state that she is delusional as well as insane for even thinking that, and also once more– he will criticize her for everything.

Apparently, the lady will after that find herself thinking that possibly he is right which she is the one who is guilty as well as is damaging the relationship.

It goes to that factor that the feelings of doubt will certainly start remaining in her heart. She will certainly after that discover herself in a extremely susceptible and harmful scenario where the abuser that knows all this will certainly start using her, manipulate her, and also toy with her feelings.

When an individual spends years of their life being informed continuously that they are incorrect which whatever is their mistake, they begin losing understanding of reality and begin to believe that there is undoubtedly something absolutely wrong with them.

A lady who is abused in this way will begin hating herself instead of the guy that misuses her as well as is the one at fault.


Any person that has actually been absolutely crazy can concur that love is among the most beautiful and challenging sensations on the planet. It is something that makes an individual put on their rose-tinted glasses and just see the good things in their partner.

Therefore, the major concern is– Can a woman like an emotionally violent guy? And also the answer is: YES, definitely.

Furthermore, considering that the abuse happening is white and not black, it better makes things even more challenging for the woman. Specifically when the lady is a compassionate as well as thoughtful woman that can feel the feelings of others as her own.

She will certainly after that empathize with the guy despite whatever that he has actually placed her through as well as whatever that she understands about him since during the minutes when he is truly ‘sorry’ and ‘rueful’ she can not stand seeing him hurt.

So, regardless of her recognition of all the ‘dreadful’ points he has done to her, she makes a decision to forgive him since when he shows his susceptible side, she is seeing him as a person who is broken who requires love and recovery.

And also, because she is in love with him so much that she can’t walk away from him, particularly when she assumes that he requires her to be there for him.


This is one prominent abusive and also poisonous pattern that nearly all manipulators and abusers use– when they pick up that the woman prepares to leave them, they will start acting like their old caring self, that makes the woman wish to offer the relationship another go because she remains in love as well as wishes to make the partnership great again.

She will believe her partner’s words for a better future blindly as well as his assurances that everything will certainly transform, that he will transform. She believes in his incorrect words due to the fact that she seriously intends to nurture her hopes of having a loving and also healthy connection with him.

Now, she is recollecting just concerning the excellent elements of the relationship and that’s why she is so positive that things will change for the better this moment around. (They will not. )

This is just how the poisonous man gains the supreme control over his victim– he hangs the carrot of change before her, but each and every single time it stays unreachable, making the target really feel confident and positive that things will certainly improve.

Well, perhaps they will, however just for a short time period. And after that they will certainly go back as they were before or perhaps worse.

In conclusion, it feels like there is actually no factor in looking for out why abusers behave this way due to the fact that their manipulative and also twisted truth is very various than ours.

Lastly, if you know a female that is being trapped in a violent relationship– please, don’t evaluate her.

Since this is a very serious problem, we must all attempt to understand as well as sustain each various other. If we are take on sufficient to discuss this as well as share our very own experience regarding this topic without worry of being judged, then maybe we can throw down the gauntlet and also influence others to leave the abusers.

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