The dolce is whipped

The famous Italian dessert tiramisu is a spectacular festive treat, you can serve in a common cup or portioned, but necessarily decorated with grated chocolate. For his sake, you can break a diet once!

Tiramisu literally translated from Italian means “lift me up”. There are several versions of the explanation of the name: high calorie dessert (attention to those who are on a diet) or that the translation should be understood as “lift my spirits” – sweet, as is known, amuses. And the most romantic is that Italian grandees ate tiramisu before the dates, becoming more impressive thanks to chocolate and coffee – known stimulants.

A delicate dessert is on the menu of almost all restaurants – it looks impressive and it seems very difficult to prepare, but Ruslan Korobov, the chef of the restaurant “La Maison”, explained that it is not difficult to make it yourself.

To prepare five servings you will need: 3 yolks, 170 g cream (preferably 38%), 70 g of Mascarpone cheese, a cup of coffee, 70 g of sugar, Italian biscuit biscuit Savoyardi, 40 g of Amaretto liqueur.

Prepare for whipping three egg yolks, separating them from proteins.

Whisk yolks, in contrast to proteins, at some point beginners to separate, it can be infinitely long. With the help of a domestic combine or a mixer, we achieve a dense light mass.

In the meantime, soft mascarpone cheese is mixed with cream fats, those that are suitable for whipping.

Carefully, not to “kill”, stir the mass with a whisk.

We pour in a pile of liquor. Amaretto is sold in supermarkets, it is inexpensive, and for the preparation of desserts comes in handy often.

Stir further, all the same carefully so that it does not exfoliate, reaching the appearance of texture, according to the cook – “drawing”.

Cooking sugar syrup – sugar and a little water on the tiles. Stir and remove before the time until it became light brown, it is impossible – sugar.

Almost all the syrup is poured into the beaten yolks, a little whisked to stir. If you do not want to bother with cooking the syrup, you can immediately whip the yolks with sugar.

A cup of espresso or any other black coffee is poured into a container, diluted with the remains of syrup.

Solid biscuit sweet Savoyardi sticks are sold in supermarkets. If you do not find it – you can, in extreme cases, use any similar cookie.

The main thing is that they keep their shape after they have a dip in coffee.

Curing should be cut beforehand so that it fits into the mold. One serving will require two or three halves.

We re-integrate the main ingredients: yolks with sugar and cheese and cream.

The resulting mass is gently stirred with a whisk.

… and fill it with a cookie lying on the bottom of the container.

Filled half-portioned molds put for two hours in the refrigerator.

The cured dessert is covered with cocoa, sifting it through a strainer.

We decorate with fresh berries – in the summer they will not have a problem.

You can cover with chocolate plates – melted chocolate poured a thin layer, let it freeze and cut out the circles of the desired diameter.

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