The desire to do a plastic surgery is a sign of self-hatred

Survey on SHE “Are you satisfied with your appearance?” Showed that only 30% of our readers do not worry about their appearance, almost 40% – would get rid of excess weight, 18% would change the breast size, and 7% would refuse their ears and nose.

In the survey there was no “Do you suffer from your shortcomings and are they ready to eliminate them surgically”, but it is known that the statistics of calls to surgeons are growing without special need. Do I need to resort to surgical corrections and do I better correct my attitude to them, the correspondent of SE explained.

First, let’s talk about dysmorphophobia (Latin dis – violation, Greek morphe – form, phobos – fear). In general, this word in the Dictionary of Clinical Psychology refers to a variety of hypochondriac syndromes, mostly found in adolescence, more often in girls: “With dysmorphophobia, there is a pathological belief in the presence of some physical defect (the ugly structure of one’s body, its separate parts, especially person). ” If clinical cases occur in the adolescent period, the echoes of psychological problems can easily be observed in adult women.

And the overwhelming majority – almost all representatives of the fair sex find in their appearance something unpleasant.

However, healthy self-criticism is sometimes replaced by obsession, and women, without real clinical evidence – burns or scars, begin to shave the face and body of plastic surgeons, not calming down, reaching a certain result. Famous examples: Demi Moore, who became a beauty with the help of surgeons from ugly girl, singer Cher, who managed to preserve her appearance despite 30 plastic surgeries, are examples of more or less successful interventions. Masha Malinovskaya, who has become comical, Pamela Anderson, constantly changing the size of her breasts, the so-called “mukly”, the girls with silicone faces, which are found on the photos of secular chronicles, are less successful examples.

Why do they cut themselves?

“An appeal to a plastic surgeon is the first sign of self-hatred,” said Igor Poperechny, director of the Center for Medical Sexology and Psychotherapy. –

Of course, there are trends of fashion, but they are not really strong enough to force a psychologically healthy woman to cut off pieces of herself. With age, a person’s psychological problems only accumulate, and therefore people with great zeal begin to show aggression to themselves. “

Indeed, attempts to change the appearance often accompany life stress: “People often turn to a plastic surgeon during hormonal changes, in adolescence, when they are being subjected to high demands, or, for example, in the menopause they bring a photo of forty years ago and think they have come to a wizard who will return youth, “says Vladimir Panov, director of the clinic of Dr. Panov. “Either a person has experienced a layoff or a collapse of his personal life and thinks that his appearance is to blame.”

However, if you ask the operating women themselves, then some can not say which problem in appearance was so obvious that it could not be eliminated. They just want to have an operation. Moreover, women are proud of their exploits, despite the fact that others have a clear presence of surgical intervention on the face causing only a fastidious pity: “They paid money for the operation, they want it to be seen, because they believe that this is a successful investment” , – explains the blindness of the “silicone” women Igor Poperechny. However, some girls do not just want to have an operation to become beautiful, but are sure that they have a specific defect (wrong shape of the nose, ears, full hips) – and it must be eliminated.

Cut the fat?

One of the main problems of the appearance of the SHE reader is considered to be excess weight. How to deal with it is written-rewritten: balanced nutrition, normal portion size, work on stresses and a gym. But, unfortunately, some parts of the body do not lend themselves to anything: “There are so-called fat traps, for example, a riding breeches area, where deposits can not be easily removed,” the plastic surgeon states. But often people just feel sorry for the time and money, and weight loss programs can cost more than surgery (liposuction of the abdomen with pumping more than two liters of fat will cost about 25,000 rubles in Novosibirsk clinics). Therefore, they prefer to simply cut off the fat, and how much is psychologically correct, everyone decides for himself.

Instead of cotton wool

The most frequent plastic interventions in a healthy body are still operations to increase the size of the breast. They are done, according to Igor Transverse, solely in order to attract attention. In comparison with the problems that accompany the introduction of a silicone implant into the mammary gland, the desire to artificially become more visible (not necessarily more beautiful) may seem very controversial. Indications – asymmetry of the breast, very small size – the psychologist does not consider important: “There are simply no ideal or symmetrical people.” If you treat love as a feeling of devotion and spiritual intimacy, and not just sex and body trade, you can believe that a person who loves you perceives the body exactly as it is, and can be offended by a fake.

Half a lifetime on a horse, or I can not hear you. The

operations to correct the curvature and elongation of the legs, “long and aggressive,” according to the surgeon Panova, are usually done with the goal of preventing arthrosis of the knee joint, and at the same time the issue is solved with beauty. They are resorted to infrequently, but the correction of lop-earedness is a question that the beautiful heads often tear from their childhood.

Seemingly innocuous operation is not so simple: “A surgeon must have a lot of experience, he must understand well, because of what ears stick out and what exactly needs to be corrected.”

As for hearing problems that may arise after surgery, it is a myth – the inner ear is not damaged. The operation to eliminate the curvature of the nose is often accompanied by the elimination of otoloringheskih diseases, but often produced simply because the girl is very hampered by a hump. However, Anna Akhmatova, owner of the eagle profile, not only did not feel embarrassed about him, but even posed so that he became noticeable. And was considered one of the most beautiful women. Perhaps the fact is that the inner beauty of a person always ennobles any traits, as well as vice versa. “I know women who at first sight seemed just ugly creatures,” says Igor Poperechny. – Mouth to the ears, huge jawbones, nose with a dent, but at the same time – the very charm.

Charming woman, not fixated on the exterior, a great companion – men are drawn to her, they respect her and admire her. These are not words – this is reality. ”

And the same nose can be visually reduced with a bangs bangs to the eyebrows, the ears – curls, and curved legs – wide trousers or skirts.

The desire of people to resort to the services of plastic surgery has recently been growing and is not going to stop – success today is associated exclusively with youth and clear standards of appearance. Perhaps, soon they will learn how to make plastic on the hands and neck, and then the age of a person will be simply impossible to recognize. Does this mean respect for people to themselves, not about selfishness, but respect?

“The alteration of appearance – it’s like turning the Siberian rivers back, – sums up the psychologist Igor Poperechny. – It is the same catastrophe that occurs in the minds of people who are trying to change themselves. Nature punishes them with a lack of normal communication, because if a person tries to expose themselves not as they really are, people start to suspect that they are being deceived. In addition, everything artificial can be seen immediately, and the personality of this depreciates. “

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