The cutest and cosiest socks to wear all day, every day in lockdown

Luckily, the fashion industry was getting creative with socks long before the C-word took over our lives. That means there’s some fun, Insta-ready options here if you want something chic to wear under your favourite pair of trainers when this is all over.

But if you’re here purely for the cosy, fuzzy, fluffy, bed-ready socks to up your self-care game, then we’ve got you covered, too.

We’re day 168537 into lockdown and, aside from the one hour per day when we’re allowed outside, we’ve all but forgotten what it’s like to wear shoes. Or, as we now like to call them, foot prisons.

Yes, we’re working from home for the foreseeable future, and that means one thing: comfort. We may want to get dressed into regular clothes in the morning to A) help maintain some normality and B) so our boss doesn’t think we’ve become a secret (or not so secret) slob, but we can all agree on one thing here: footwear doesn’t count when you’re working from home, no matter how formal our usual workwear wardrobe. And why would it? Unless you have your webcam suspiciously aimed at your crotch, no one’s going to see your trotters anyway.

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that you take your sock game to the next level. You may have already treated yourself to a new pair of cosy slippers in these self-isolating times, or even snapped up one of our favourite summer dresses to wear obsessively when this is all over, but if your sock-drobe only consists of old trainer socks then it’s time to treat your home-bound hooves to a fresh pair (or ten).

These are the cosiest – yet cutest – loungewear socks to see you through every day in lockdown and beyond.

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