The correspondent of SE checked the effect of massage with essential oils

Massage is a famous ancient remedy for all ailments. Aromatherapy is no less well-deserved way to cope with health problems. The combination of these two practices significantly increases the impact of both, improving and strengthening the body. 

At the physiological level, aromatherapy massage can improve energy, relieve stress, pain, and improve the skin. A very important point in the recommendation of aromatherapy massage is the restoration of emotional balance and getting rid of negative emotions. The correspondent of SE checked on himself its effect.

In the massage room “Aromacenter” aromatherapy massage costs 500 rubles. The cabinet itself looks rather modest, but the master is full of energy and experience. Compositions of essential oils, it is itself. Before starting the procedure, I wonder what kind of result the client expects from the massage – it turns out that he can be not only relaxing and cheering up.

I complained of frequent headaches, and the master, assuming that the case may be in osteochondrosis, decided to concentrate on the muscles of the neck. She used to me first one composition of essential oils, then another – to choose from. The first was sweet, in the second the main restrained floral note predominated. I thought that the rose turned out to be a geranium oil, but still I chose it.

The correspondent of SE checked the effect of massage with essential oils

In ancient times, geranium was considered a very strong curative, in the East and still it is actively used because of a wide range of effects on the body. Geranium is called a female plant – its oil has a good effect on the hormonal background. In addition, geranium has antiseptic, astringent and simultaneously softening effect, regulates the production of sebum, eliminates rash and inflammation. Geranium relieves pain in arthritis, rheumatism, neuralgia.

With a massage against osteochondrosis, this is especially true of its properties – in fact, apart from the manual effect of kneading muscle stagnation, oil is deeply entangled in the skin, that is, it has a double therapeutic effect – massage and aromatherapy. Geranium is a good antidepressant. Its aroma is comforting, creating a light romantic mood. This is another aroma massage: it helps to relax,

According to different versions, the word “massage” occurs either from the Latin word “massa” – sticking to the fingers, or from the Greek “masso” – to squeeze; it is not excluded that it is based on the Arabic words “mass” or “masch” – gently press. Aroma massage occurred clearly from the latter – it is more gentle and softer than usual massage.

You do not crumple and do not pound, but easily stroked and rubbed from the waist up to the shoulders, then the neck, thorax and scalp.

Hands of a massage therapist is an amazing thing. You will not have time to think: “Oh, it seems, it hurts in this place”, as he states: “It’s probably hurting here.” For example, at the base of the skull, the master found the point, when pressed, the head began to ache, and as soon as she removed the finger, the pain passed. After working on this “button” she stopped working, and I was relieved to think that one of the sources of the headache was destroyed. I never thought that I could be pleased when I was pulled by the hair. It turned out that maybe the master was doing a head massage, she periodically collected her hair and pulled me by this tail. Goose bumps ran through my skin, and I could feel the blood running faster. “The blush appeared – the blood began to act,” – noted the fact that I sensed the master.

The correspondent of SE checked the effect of massage with essential oils

In addition to physical sensations, I felt like a pleasant aroma of essential oil is lulling. Hearing was also activated – the sound of the sea and other sounds of nature always act peacefully. At some point, it even seemed to me that I fell asleep. That is, the item responsible for relaxation was worked out. However, it was possible to relax so much that during the day it was difficult to get together, and I concluded that it is better to do the procedure in the evening.

Of course, aroma massage, as well as other types of massage, it is better to conduct courses, but, according to the master, and once is enough to feel the effect.
It’s amazing: they did not promise me this, but I noticed that after the session the hair glistened and became stronger externally and to the touch. The skin on the body also became nicer and softer, after the shower it did not dry out enough to soak up tons of cream and ask for more. Special sensations in the muscles after one session, I did not notice – a sedentary lifestyle still requires a whole course of massage, and not only for correcting the posture and getting rid of the headache. But as a preventive, supporting and raising the general tone and mood of the remedy I recommend.

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