June 14, 2024

The correspondent of SE has tested a session of stone therapy

Massage – one of the most loved by contemporaries of cosmetology, constantly giving fans surprises. You will not surprise anyone with a classical massage, because there is such a wonderful variety around – Spanish, Thai, buckwheat, aroma, and many others.

Virtually all of them are aimed primarily at relieving tension. One of the leaders in the ability to relax the human body is stone massage. The correspondent of SE lay down under a hill of stones and decided to share her impressions.

To resort to the help of heated stones for treatment knew how long ago in antiquity. That kind of massage, which is offered in beauty parlors, has Celtic roots – in ancient times on the bodies of tired soldiers laid out in a special order heated stones that alleviated pain, strengthened the body, gave strength. To use the ancient methods for the joy of contemporaries in the world spa-practice began about 20 years ago, in Novosibirsk – more recently.

Prices for stone therapy in city salons range from 600 to 3000 rubles. In the salon “Domino”, next to Kalinin Square, the session costs 800 rubles. The choice for this institution fell almost by accident – in most other places, despite the presence of stone massage in the list of services, for one reason or another it was not carried out.

The correspondent of SE has tested a session of stone therapy

Since the main goal of the stone massage is to relieve the tension not only physical but also emotional, the room in which it is conducted must be well prepared: it is isolated from extraneous sounds, the light is muffled, soft soft music is included.

The masseur with the client as far as possible does not talk, so as not to distract from a pleasant half-asleep. Unfortunately, in the “Domino” massage room at the time, which I agreed in advance, was unexpectedly busy, and the master, complaining about the circumstances, prepared a beauty salon, and frankly admitted that the couch is not the best fit for the upcoming procedure. I admit, I was a little embarrassed that I would pay money for what is already being done exactly the wrong way. Well, okay, the main thing is to feel the beauty of the massage,

In general, the attraction of stone therapy is that with its help it is possible to easily and pleasantly relieve pain in the muscles of the back, neck and legs that have appeared from a strong physical load or, conversely, due to stagnation from sedentary work.

The correspondent of SE has tested a session of stone therapy

An exhausted nervous system, stone massage should reinforce, metabolism improve and improve immunity – after all, the stones are not stacked in an arbitrary order, but on biologically active points, the heating of which helps restore the defenses of the body. Like any procedure, there are contraindications: infectious diseases in acute form, gynecological inflammatory processes, oncology, pregnancy.

In the beginning, the back and legs are massively lubricated with aromatic oil. Flat stones of volcanic origin are heated in water in a special device, then they are laid out in the air to dry and cool slightly. Taking a pebble, lead them to the skin for several minutes, until it ceases to burn, and it can be left on it. One by one they spread it on their backs and legs. When all the stones are transferred to the body, their weight is pressed down and they begin to share a degree, the client is properly wrapped in a blanket-heater and left, unprotected, to fall asleep. Drowsiness comes instantly. Apparently, this is relaxation – you really become indifferent to all the problems and worry only that this lulling heat will end, and you have to get up.

I dozed for about ten minutes, after which I was gently released from the cocoon. Immediately remove the stones can not, as gradually as they were laid out, they are collected, leading the skin circles, tapping them on each other. When manipulated with stones on the shoulders and neck, I felt very clearly how the blood began to flow to my head, my hair seemed to move, but not with horror, but with pleasure, and the headache stopped worrying me.

The correspondent of SE has tested a session of stone therapy

After the stones are removed, the body is kneaded by the rules with a traditional massage. But I was not particularly scraped – a little pat and all.

By the way, alternating hot and cold stones, too, was not – perhaps, this method is not always used. The entire procedure was completed within an hour, physical sensations were pleasant, but seemed very unobtrusive, I wanted the impact more feasible. A short break for a nap during the working day is a pleasant thing, but it’s very difficult to gather strength. It is better to undergo stone therapy sessions in the evening, so that after sleepiness in the office as soon as possible fall asleep in your bed. Should they be passed at all? Yes, it’s worth a try. Perhaps this soft impact is what your tired body needs. Well, stone massage helps with muscle pain after intensive training. In calming the nerves, he, most likely, is also effective. Check, only first make sure that all conditions for relaxation are met.

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