March 4, 2024

The ‘Cool’ Pajama Set That’s Handy for Hot Summer Sleepers Like Maura

The fabric is designed to help you sleep cooler and drier. Which it does! Lunya Cool Muscle Tee in Brisk, $68, available here; Lunya Cool Short in Brisk, $78, available here.

I’m a truly terrible sleeper, as I’ve discussed numerous times across this here website. I’ve inexplicably gotten better at it (“it” being sleeping) in recent months, which has been nice! I don’t feel as zombie-like all the time as a result, which I’m sure my colleagues appreciate.

But as soon as July rolled around, like clockwork, I started waking up a liiiiiiittle sweaty. Not, you know, as sweaty as one might be when emerging from a marathon hot yoga class, but also sweatier thanBeyoncé has ever been in her life. That kind of sweaty.

So, when a set of “cool” pajamas from the direct-to-consumer “performance sleepwear” brand Lunya landed on my desk earlier this month, I was understandably jazzed to both give them a whirl and not set my AC down to an ungodly temperature. I’ve worn them on and off for several weeks now (washing them very regularly, of course) and I’m pleased to report that, yes, they do seem to keep me cooler and dryer in my slumber. Not dramatically, but marginally so, and for good reason, because Lunya’s Cool technology has a lot of science behind it.

The “cool” fabrication is made of Pima cotton and infused with “TransDRY” (a patented application that allows fabrics to spread dampness as well as, or better than, most high-tech synthetic fabrics) and XT2 technology (which utilizes the antimicrobial properties of silver to stop odor).

To be clear, most of this technology doesn’t appear to stop sleep sweat, but rather the effects of it. This is some serious stuff, and Lunya has a thorough explanation of all of it all on its website for those (like me) who might be interested.

Because of said TransDRY and XT2 (and also, the general quality of Lunya’s product line), the pricing on this runs a little high, but it’s in line with other luxury sleepwear retailers like Sleepy Jones or Morgan Lane. I’ve also compared them with other less-technologically-adapt pajamas and have noticed a difference in sweat amounts. (Again, definitely not a dramatic difference, but a difference all the same. )

My only real qualm is that the shorts shrank significantly in the dryer, and now they fit more like briefs or maybe, I don’t know, a cotton diaper. But that’s okay because I’m a well-rested, cool cucumber ready to take on the hellfire that is July in New York City.

Lunya Cool Muscle Tee in Brisk, $68, available here; Lunya Cool Short in Brisk, $78, available here.

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