June 21, 2024

The Browns O-line coach is an American treasure, photos

If you’ve been watching this season of Hard Knocks on HBO, then you know there is a clear fan favorite. It’s Offensive Line Coach Bob Wylie – and for good reason.

He reminds me of every high school football coach in the nation

…minus the Maserati, which is a beautiful car, but I took him for more of a suped up F-150 or a Range Rover guy.

But honestly, this dude is so full of surprises, you can’t really pin him down as any type of “guy. ”

Though one thing’s for certain, he’s definitely a football guy. He’s got the name.

The look.

The ‘Murica attitude.

The football coach metaphors.

Nathan Simmons is a communist.

More Wylie. Less everything else.

He’s a people’s coach.

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