May 19, 2024

The Bombshell Side-Parting Is Volume-City, But There’s A Secret To It…

If you’re a whizz with a blow-dryer, more power to ya because, folks, we’ve entered our supermodel era, and the bombshell side-parting has emerged as one of the movement’s biggest trends.

Of course, side partings were controversially cancelled on TikTok for being cheugy not so long ago, but the style has ironically had a throwback makeover to bring it bang up to date and back on the agenda. Rather than a flat, Regina George side-part that lies close to the head, the bombshell side-parting references the ‘90s supers for blown-out, ultra-voluminous, sexy, flipped hair.

It’s a departure from the minimal maintenance looks that have been trending for the past couple of decades, and there’s definitely some styling involved, but trust us, it’s worth it.

Just this week, Zoey Deutch arrived at the Tiffany & Co party in New York with a sky-high side flip. Kim Kardashian skipped out on her trademark centre parting and styled her platinum hair sideways while in Milan for Fashion Week.

And we even have a new gen of supermodels favouring the style, too, with Jasmine Tookes representing millennials and Kaia Gerber picking up where her mum left off for Gen Z.

Of course, the flipped-over hair look calls for some serious oomph at the roots that you can only achieve when you bring out the big guns – and by that, we mean an incredible hair dryer. That’s why – along with the return of the ‘90s blow out – our hairdryer has become our beauty routine’s MVP. See also: heated rollers and hot brushes.

And don’t underestimate the power of styling sprays to anchor the style and lock it in place. Luckily, Kim’s mane man, Chris Appleton, shared the secret to getting the bombshell side parting (alongside phenomenal hair overall) during a video on his Instagram.

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