The Biden girls – who’s who in the president-elect’s family tree

His wife Dr. Jill Biden, his children and his grandchildren joined him on stage in Delaware following his victory speech on Saturday 7th November, and according to NBC News, were actually with Biden when they found out that he was elected the 46th President of the United States.

“Biden and his wife, Jill, were enjoying the warm fall weather on their backyard patio Saturday morning when from inside their home, a chorus of applause erupted,” reports the news outlet. “Biden’s grandchildren, watching as his victory was announced on television, rushed to share the news.”Pop, Pop! We won!” they told the now-president-elect.”

Since his election victory, winning a majority of electoral votes and defeating incumbent Donald Trump, president-elect Joe Biden has been celebrating with his family.

Biden’s granddaughter Naomi Biden shared a photo of the heartwarming moment, captured on a polaroid camera. Biden can be seen smiling, sharing a group hug with his grandchildren. Naomi captioned the now-iconic image: “11.07.20”.

So, who’s who in the Biden family tree? You probably already know a bit of background, as the family’s history has been marked by multiple tragedies.

In 1966, Biden married Neilia Hunter with whom he had three children – Beau, Hunter and Naomi. But in 1972, when Biden was Senator-elect, Neilia and Naomi were killed in a car crash. His two sons were injured but survived.

Joe married Jill in 1977 and welcomed daughter Ashley in 1981. Unfortunately, in 2015, Beau Biden – who was Attorney General of Delaware – passed away from brain cancer.

Hunter welcomed daughter Naomi in 1993. She is the eldest Biden granddaughter and is named after Hunter’s late sister. Then in 2000 Finnegan was born, followed by Maisy (who is best friends with Sasha Obama) in 2001.

Before Beau passed in 2015, he had two children with his wife Hallie – Natalie, 16, and Hunter, 14. There’s another Biden grandson, too: a baby boy born, whose name has not been disclosed, to Hunter Biden and his new wife Melissa Cohen. Hunter Biden also shares a child with Lunden Roberts.

While Biden himself has spoken openly in the public domain about his family’s tragedies over the years, his grandchildren have remained relatively out of the limelight until now. It’s the Biden granddaughters who are most active on social media, so we expect to see a lot more them in the future.

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