June 21, 2024

The best wine subscription services, for top-notch drinks to your door

Gone are the days of buying a ‘box o’ wine’ from the supermarket to neck before a night out at the student union, or choosing the cheapest £4 own-brand bottle of unspecified ‘white wine’ to have with our Pot Noodle for dinner. Well, for the most part anyway.

Chances are, you’re looking for something a bit more grown-up from your vino. So to indulge your inner sommelier –and to take the faff out of actually learning anything about wine –we’ve handpicked the best wine subscription services in the UK.

A consistent wine delivery will make sure that you are fully stocked for summer and will likely acquaint you with varieties of wine you likely won’t have tried before. And unlike a panic dash to the local offy, you won’t be disappointed by the quality when you pour a glass.

Lately, alcohol subscriptions and delivery services have become big news in the world of booze buying.

Perhaps it’s as a result of a million weeks spent in lockdown, when we wanted to avoid venturing to the shops for a bottle of plonk to enjoy with the gals in the local park at the weekend (socially distanced, of course). Or maybe it’s because, as we’ve grown up, our taste in wine has become a lot a little more refined.

Some of these subscription service also come with fun perks, such as tasting notes and recommended food pairings for each wine. Most also source their wines directly from small, independent winemakers to make sure the process is as fair and environmentally-friendly as possible, such as Savage Vines, who employ a ‘grape to glass’ sourcing model.

So whether you’re thinking of buying a wine subscription as a gift or for yourself, this is our pick fo the best your money can buy…

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