July 18, 2024

The Best Wine Pairings For Your Favorite Halloween Candy

With Halloween approaching, we’re ready for some sweet talk. Whether you are at a colleague’s costume party or raiding your kid’s trick-or-treating stash once they’ve finally fallen asleep (be warned: I was known to count mine), it’s safe to say you’ll likely be indulging in some seasonal candy over the next week.

So, why not make it feel like a grown-up affair? We teamed up with the experts of HobNob Wines, who recently released their annual Wicked Wines, to help you match your favorite candy with a complementary glass.

Here’s how to sip and snack like a sommelier on Halloween.

Red Blend + Dark Chocolate

Red wine and chocolate are a classic pairing. With hints of oak, blackberries, and mocha, deep red blends complement the rich flavors of dark cocoa to deliver the ultimate decadent treat. Try HobNob’s Limited Edition Wicked Red Blend ($12).

Chardonnay + Candy Corn

With notes of tropical fruit and an earthy aroma, this white wine pairs nicely with sugary candies. The result is a luscious mouthfeel. Try HobNob’s Limited Edition Wicked Chardonnay ($12).

Riesling + Sweetarts

The sugar of this white wine hits you first and will counter the candy’s tartness for a deliciously refreshing finish.

Port + Peanut M&Ms

The notes of dried fruit, toasted nuts, caramel, and brown sugar often found in port wines bring out the nuttiness in this crunchy candy.

Sauvignon Blanc + Gummy Bears

The distinctive zesty acidity of this wine helps release the fruit flavors in these addictive gummies.

Malbec + Twix

The nuanced flavors, often including blackberries, dark cocoa, and tobacco, in a savory reds like Malbec pair perfectly with chocolate-covered caramel.

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