May 29, 2024

The Best Spas In The World For Far-Flung Luxury

The vibe: Before we get into the facilities let’s start with the fact that this hotel and spa is located in a spot only comparable to paradise on earth. Featuring breathtaking views of the crystal clear western Indian ocean waters, or its very own tropical gardens, the location is simply unmatched.

The Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa is an idyllic retreat located on the stunning island of Mahé in the Seychelles, smack bang in the coast of the island. With the sand a short walk away, touching the hotel tiles, you can go from poolside to beachside in mere seconds. So close you can hear the splashing of the water and the birds chirping crisp clear. When we’re talking about relaxation, this is exactly what we mean.

The resort’s offering features not only a luxurious and secluded escape for guests but a wide range of amenities like multiple pools, jacuzzis, yoga classes, and more, as well as plentiful activities to enjoy. The resort’s spa is therefore the most special place to relax. There you will find an abundant offering of skin and body treatments, including massages, facials, and manicures, all of which are expertly administered by highly trained therapists. There you will be able to book yourself in for a in-and-out 30 minute fresh facial, or an energising intensive treatment to the face, if you want to amp up the intensity.

For body treatments, you will find a bit of everything. From an exfoliating massage, to a rescue sunburn body wrap (which may or may not come handy in the Seychelles heat) to even a moisturising coconut hair mask. No stone is left unturned. Fear not, the spa also extends its services for yoga classes, yogalates (a combination of yoga and pilates) and guided meditation. This is all, as well as many other essential salon services like manis and pedis.

The spa also features a sauna, steam room, and hot tub, as well as a fitness centre for guests who also choose to stay active.

The resort’s dining options are also dreamy, with a variety of restaurants and bars to choose from. The main restaurant serves a delicious selection of international and local cuisine, while the beachfront bar is the perfect spot for a tropical cocktail or a refreshing beer.

Savoy Seychelles Resort & SPA, Seychelles

Guests can also enjoy a variety of fun and water led activities, such as snorkelling, diving, and deep-sea fishing. That is of course if they’re not busy simply relaxing on the beach and soaking up the sun. Overall, the Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa is an exceptional choice for anyone looking for a luxurious and relaxing escape in the beautiful Seychelles.

Come with: Yourself, because who says paradise is only for couples? Use this perfect occasion to find some peace and time to realign your chakras. However, it is also perfect for a romantic getaway or a sunny family escape.

Hero treatment: Crème De Coco De Mer Couple Indulgence — Start off this romantic experience with a footbath. With the coco de mer being the national fruit, this treatment involves having a delicate coconut scrub to gently clean the skin. Then follows a relaxing bath with coconut milk, vanilla oil and honey, while you enjoy a refreshing ice tea with lemongrass and ginger. The treatment wraps up after an 80-minute couple massage with coconut leaves oil which makes your skin smooth and resilient.

You’ll leave feeling: Replenished, tanned and rejuvenated.

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