March 4, 2024

The best slippers for women to keep your feet cosy, because slipper season is well on its way again

We’ve admitted defeat and we’re officially over the summer heat. We’ve been dreaming of slipping our feet into the best slippers for women ever since we had those few grey and gloomy days, and we’re well and truly in the mood for autumn.

Dare we say it: we’ve actually missed those cold nights spent cosied up indoors, pyjamas on, throw blanket and hot water bottle on our lap, and an autumnal candle lit.

Yep. The return of fluffy footwear is nigh, and we’re not even mad about it. Throughout the past few winters we’ve relied heavily on comfortable attire (here’s looking at you loungewear, tracksuits and black leggings), and a comfy pair of slippers is the best way to tie the whole #lewk together.

Forget what you thought you knew: hunting for the best slippers is not an activity reserved for December only. Need proof? There has been a massive increase in Google searches for slippers over the past week alone, while searches for cosy socks are also up. Choosing between sheepskin slippers, suede slippers and moccasin slippers is all we can possibly think about.

Sure, everyone’s wardrobe looks different at the moment. You only have to spend a minute in the office to witness the broad smorgasbord of styles adopted by staffers — some clinging on to summer and some fully embracing the slight autumnal nip in the air.

It’s the same on WFH days, too; some days it’s jeans and a sweater vest, and on others, a super chic summer dress will make an appearance. But whether we’re reaching for blazers to layer up, or sticking to having our arms out in plain white T-shirts, there remains one constant: our endless love for footwear — slippers (or house shoes, as they’re sometimes otherwise referred to) included. No matter what the weather’s saying outside, there’s no excuse for cold feet when slippers exist.

Luckily, there are so many insanely stylish slippers for women stocked at the best online clothing stores right now (from Ugg slippers and mule slippers to booties and shearling slides), and we’ve put them all in one place for you to shop below.

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Which is the best brand of ladies slippers? Up your comfort game and get prepared for autumn and winter with our picks below.

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