The Best Places to Resell Your Old Clothes For Extra Cash

Between the long list of people to buy presents for and the myriad of festive activities, everyone needs a little extra spending money this time of year. One of the simplest ways to thicken your wallet – and make room for all the gifts to come – is by looking in your closet.

Whether it’s those hangers all the way in the back or the bins under you bed that haven’t seen the light of day in months (er, years), we all have clothes that we can get rid of. Plus, selling your wardrobe for extra cash is now easier than ever. Read on for some of our favorite resale spots. Rather donate? We’ve got that, too.


Great for: Designer clothes and accessories

If you’re a sample sale maven and are constantly rotating through trends season to season, Tradesy is for you. They make selling high-end labels easy, taking everything from Rebecca Minkoff and Chanel to designer bridal brands. All you do is snap a few pictures and wait for a proposed price. As soon as it sells, Tradesy sends you all the pre-paid shipping materials and keeps only nine percent of the sale. Steal!


Great for: Affordable fashion

If you’re looking to do a closet overhaul, you’ll want to consider ThredUp. The online consignment store takes everything from chain retail items (think Ann Taylor and Old Navy) up to designer styles like Louboutins. After filling up a prepaid bag with clothes and mailing it, they’ll process your items. Anything ThredUp decides to keep (it needs to be in great condition and in season), they pay you upfront for. If it’s sellable, but off-season, you’ll get a commission once sold. Try using their handy payout estimator to see how your wardrobe stacks up before sending it in.

The Real Real

Great for: Luxury goods

There are no fake Birkins here. The Real Real, who sells designer clothing, accessories, jewelry, watches and even fine art, has an authenticity team to ensure that every single item on their site is one hundred percent legitimate. The company will come pick-up your items at your house or provide free direct shipping.


Great for: Tech-Savvy fashionistas

You can post an item in less than a minute, thanks to their easy to use app (and website). Plus, there’s nothing you can’t sell – from womens, mens, and kids fashions to beauty products. They also offer virtual shopping parties with themes like “Fall Basics” or “Best in Jeans.”


Great for: Men

Know a guy with a never-worn jacket with the tags still on in his closet? Yea, me too. Luckily, Grailed provides a solution for selling stylish menswear. Simply take a picture of his clothes, shoes, belts, or whatever other items he isn’t sporting on the reg, and when an item is sold, the site keeps only six percent commission.

Once Upon A Child

Great for: Kids

Your kiddos grow like weeds, so get extra cash from selling clothes that no longer fit. This popular children’s resale company has locations in nearly every state. You can bring in toys, gear, and furniture, too.

Still White

Great for: Recent brides

This bridal-specific resale site allows you to send your dress down the aisle again. Post a picture and choose your own selling price. When a bride-to-be is interested, she can message you to discuss details, such as measurements or price negotiations, and when she says yes to the dress, you simply ship it to her. The site maintains a small one-off fee.

Dress For Success

Great for: Helping others

If you want to get worn items off your hands and feel good while doing it, we suggest donating to Dress For Success. The not-for-profit provides business professional clothes to women in need, as well as resources and tools to help them ace an interview.

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