The best place to be will always be our bed, so here are 11 lap desks for working from under your duvet

Disclaimer: we’re not saying that getting up and getting dressed isn’t the best thing for your mental health. For the most part, it is. But sometimes, we don’t fancy emerging from underneath our duvets. Even on work days. And that’s OK.

Some days, we don’t work out. Some days, we don’t get dressed. Some days we don’t brush our hair. And on others? We don’t even get out of bed. It’s called a global pandemic, Karen, and we will not be productivity-shamed by anyone.

In fact, it’s OK until you’re trying to balance your laptop on your knees while taking Zoom-call notes and a sip of your cuppa. It’s then that things get tricky. Enter: the bed desk/lap desk/breakfast tray. Whatever you want to call it, you need one to streamline your WFB (workin’ from bed) experience – and we’ve found 15 of the best. They look great and create a neat, flat, productive surface to work from with just a moment’s notice. Genius.

Not only are these nifty contraptions great for mid-week, but for weekends, too, you know – the Saturday mornings when you fancy writing or conducting admin tasks before leaving your favourite spot. They’re also pretty good for breakfast-in-bed; investing in one is the ultimate hint of your desire for under-duvet eggs ‘n’ avo.

The most stylish bed desk that money can buy is the ribbed marble effect desk tray from John Lewis. Worth every penny, it’s crafted by Kaymet who have been operating in London since 1947. It’s evocative of mornings spent in an opulent hotel suite – a luxury we’re seriously missing right now. If you’re after something foldable, this mint green laptop desk tray is lightweight, has foldable legs and a notebook or tablet standing folder. It’s also only £32.99. We’re sold.

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