The best night cream to add to your skincare routine, to sleep your way to hydrated, glowing skin

Beauty Sleep is real (!), and using a night cream before you hit the metaphorical hay and get those all-important eight hours may just be the key to your skin looking its best ever.

Night creams are packed with nourishing ingredients that help to slow down the ageing process, they’re renowned for reducing wrinkles and dark spots, plus they’re much more hydrating and thicker in texture than your day creams.

You may think you have your skincare routine nailed but, unless you have a night cream standing proud on your beauty shelf, you’d be incorrect. I know what you’re thinking – is there really any difference between using your usual moisturiser and something labelled with ‘nighttime’? Yes. I was once sceptical too, but, after hearing so much about them and taking to Google to search for the best night cream, I soon realised how different the properties and ingredients are between the two. Long story short, I needed one in my life.

Ask any admirer of the beauty industry – myself included – and they’ll gush at how there’s no better feeling than coming home to take their makeup off and apply their skincare products.

You’ll likely know the feeling yourself of indulging in some self-care, but when you’ve used your cleanser and toner and applied your face serum or retinol, what do you reach for? The next step should really be a night cream, and here’s why.

Do night creams really work?

Yes! A lot of the night creams on the market are rich in ingredients such as retinol, peptides, ceramides, AHAs and more – these are all clinically proven elements that help to improve our skin. Your day creams and moisturisers won’t contain as many actives because they can make your complexion sensitive (especially when you’re out in the sun), so the easiest way of getting those good ingredients in is at nighttime.

At what age should I start using night cream?

Dermatologists and beauty experts say the earlier you start using a night cream the better. The ageing process can begin as early as 21, but most visible signs won’t start until you reach 30 so it’s best to start using products such as night cream by the time you’re 25. Dry skin will definitely age faster than hydrated types – a night cream is the easiest way to pack in that moisture.

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