April 20, 2024

The best Netflix movies to watch on date night

Finding a movie to watch with your date can be a struggle. You’ll be lucky if your movie tastes align perfectly, and in the early days, you don’t want to force them to watch The Notebook and send them to sleep (or creep them out).

We’ve already got you the perfect guides to the best sad movies (if you’re looking to open up your date to their emotional side), and the best romantic comedies (if you’re wanting to make some pretty serious hints about the fact you’ll be together forever).

But what about when you just want to settle in for the perfect date film, delivered by our fave streaming service?

To help you find a movie you’ll both enjoy, we’ve put together the best universally entertaining Netflix date movie options.

From cult classic Adventureland, to Shawshank Redemption (which is ideal when you want your date to stay longer than two hours), these are the perfect films for Netflix and chill.

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