June 19, 2024

The Best Kitchen Rug Is Made Of. . .

The simplest way to cozy up a bare expanse of floor is a rug, so why don’t we ever throw one down on the stretch of cold tile in our kitchens? Probably because the idea of scrubbing inevitable food stains and blotting soapy water splashes 24/7 sounds pretty horrible.

We associate rugs with natural fibers like wool, cotton, and jute, which aren’t the easiest to maintain in as messy a space as a kitchen. Makes sense. But here’s the thing: There’s a whole ‘nother species of floor coverings out there, one that takes this kind of wear and tear like a champ. Say hello to vinyl kitchen rugs.

OK, you could also call them mats, but the ones we’re seeing lately are mats on steroids. Designers have been putting major effort into making vinyl rugs look as chic as the traditional ones. Some even have real fringe! This is all so we can shamelessly enjoy the most important aspect of owning one: It’s dead easy to clean. Simply vinyl kitchen rugs out there right now. . .

SHOP NOW: Mediterranean medium vinyl mat in Powder by Beija Flor, $98, food52. com

SHOP NOW: 3’x5′ Magic Carpet in red by F. Taylor, $550, comingsoonnewyork. com

SHOP NOW: Approx. 2×3′ Seventies terracotta navy by Bonnie Neil, $185 AUD, bonnieandneil. com. au

SHOP NOW: Emilia vinyl runner by Graham Green, £155, grahamandgreen. co. uk

SHOP NOW: Lush Lino custom vinyl rug by Carol Bevilacqua, price upon request, bevilacqua. studio

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