The Best Gifts For Your Friend Who Returns Everything

We all have that friend who returns everything anyone gets her. Jewelry? Forget it. Clothing? May as well give it to Goodwill. So what do you get a friend who’s beyond picky?

Anything that has a pick-it-yourself element attached is a safe bet. Gift cards and the like tend to get a bad rap in the present world, but don’t feel awkward about giving one as long as there is a reason behind the specific certificate you choose.

Read on for ten ways to make a picky giftee happy.

Spa Gift Card

If your friend is planning a spa day already, surprise her by paying for one or more of her treatments. If you’re not sure where she goes, Spafinder gift certificates are accepted at thousands of spas around the world.

Gift Card to Her Favorite Store

If they’ve been dropping hints that they are super into a new brand, but you don’t want to end up getting them something other than what they’re truly in love with, stick to a store-specific gift card from the retailer or from Amazon. You know they’ll use it and this way, they get the gift of going shopping!

Share a Memory

Get her something reminiscent of a memory the two of you share, like a scented Homesick candle.


Do they have a signature scent? Perfect. You can’t go wrong with something you know they already love and will inevitably need more of. You can find a gift pack at Nordstrom to make it more festive.

Concert Tickets

Give the gift of a night with you at a show you’ll both enjoy. Find great seats (and deals) on SeatGeek.


If your friend is someone who returns everything, one reason may be because they’re extremely non-materialistic. If this is the case, think about donating to a charity they support as their gift. You can even enter them to win an experience with your donation at Omaze.

Cooking or Crafting Class

Give the gift of an experience with the never-ending list of classes on CourseHorse. Purchase the gift card and then let your friend choose their experience. She’ll probably love crafting if she’s dreaming of a camp wedding, too.

Streaming Subscription

If your friend keeps complaining about how they can’t watch Broad City, or is currently mooching off of your (or worse, their ex‘s) Netflix , Hulu, or Amazon Prime account, it’s time to cut the cord and get them started by gifting the first year’s subscription.

Subscription Wine Service

Who would even think of canceling free wine at their doorstep every month? This gift from Wine Awesomeness is a surefire win.

A Night Out

Chances are your mommy-friends have not had a solid night out in a while, and when they do, it may not be as high-class as they’d like. So give them a meal at a top-notch restaurant and you can even offer to watch the kids that night so your gift doesn’t end up costing them sitter money. Search OpenTable and find a local restaurant they’d love or a restaurant group with locations all over the country.

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